• tilemate4

    Never lose IT again – TileMate

      I’m pretty sure someone has been watching me for the last few years while I loose things over and over and stress myself out while tearing about the house or…

  • parallel4

    Explore Oklahoma – The Parallel Forest

    OH my goodness! This post has been months in the making, i’m pretty giddy to be finishing it up! I sure do love crossing things off my To-Do list.  As soon…

  • IMG_0183

    2017 Halloween Recap

    I’m surprised that we had so many events this year being that we have only been here for about 4 months but I am not complaining. I want life for Presley…

  • apps

    Toddler Apps – 4 Year Old Edition

    I think buying an iPad mini during black friday years ago was one of the best moves we have ever made. The iPad has saved us so many times and gives…

  • fall1

    Some of my current Fall Favorites

      I miss Arizona every single day, but the season of Fall is upon us in Oklahoma and I am loving every single minute of it. We have so many leaves…

  • calmz1

    A best friend, for your best friend

    I cannot believe we are just days away from November, this year is practically over and I feel like it just begun! The busy Holiday season is ahead of us and…