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Movie Nights just got a whole lot better


It's been a rough week sitting at home helping Presley recover after her Tonsil & Adenoid surgery! It's only been a week but feels like much longer! #passthecoffee I guess that is what around the clock 3 hour medications do to you. Thankfully we've been doing lots of things to keep us busy this past week during the day. I've almost finished adding some landscaping to the front yard, and ... Read the Post

Explore Oklahoma – Selenite Crystal Digging


This past weekend we didn't have plans and the weather is finally starting to get warm in Oklahoma we decided to cross off something from our Oklahoma Bucket List & head up North to Jet. It's about 3.5 hours away so after a dinner party Friday night we decided to try half way and stop in a little town in Hennessy, Oklahoma. We stayed at the Sleep Inn & Suites and really liked it! It had ... Read the Post

#Shiplap – A Weekend DIY


AHHHH! I am so excited to sit down and share this DIY Shiplap Tutorial with you today. As soon as we purchased our home in Oklahoma I knew that I wanted to tackle a few projects to update the home before we rent it out (we PCS soon). Plus, if you've even seen one episode of Fixer Upper you'll be hooked and want to bust down walls and shiplap everything in sight. The home is in great shape, so I ... Read the Post

Explore Texas – The Dallas World Aquarium


I decided it was time to go through pictures on my computer that I was dreading because I haven't gone through them since we lost Dexter. I knew it would be hard, but I also knew I wanted to get these memories written down before I organized them and put them away on my hard drive. We had a long weekend and it was Chads birthday so we drove down to Dallas. We ended up loosing Dexter while he was ... Read the Post

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – fishing edition


  There is something that I love so much about fishing; It might be that it's quiet, I can read a book, catch a fish and do it all over again. That feel when a fish bites onto your hook is incredible. We have taken Presley fishing several times but we've never had any luck soI figured since we stayed home from school 'sick' today that we might as well go explore Medicine Park and test our ... Read the Post

Spring Bucket List: Less time cleaning, more time playing


    The most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes  is one of my favorite quotes that we put in our old laundry room. Having kids and life in general can get messy & with Spring upon us I wanted to share an easy tip for getting & keeping your home clean so you can go enjoy and make memories with your family! With spring comes rain and mud & so many fun ... Read the Post