• planner1

    Planner Talk – Sticker Edition

    If you know anything about me, you know I am on the verge of being OCD and I cannot survive without my planner. I take it everywhere with me & live…

  • presley1

    The Things Toddlers Say – Presley-isms

    EEEK! My parents are in town & we have an entire week of adventures and activities planned. Pumpkin patch visits, park dates, and we are even headed up to the Grand…

  • fam2

    Flagstaff Family Pictures

    We hiked and camped over night in our snazzy new tent in Flagstaff last week & because we heard the place was so beautiful decided to take some family pictures. I…

  • 1-4glassesshop

    GlassesShop Review – Get your first FREE!

    Happy WEEKEND!!! I just got logged into a previously not available season of Suits (thanks Momma!) & figured I would stay up super late and binge watch half the season while…

  • hefty1

    Hefty Halloween Hacks

    Guys! I am so excited to stop by tonight to share some Halloween Hacks with Hefty! I was so excited when I learned I would be working with Hefty Ultra Strong…