Toddler Approved – Galaxy Bottle

This is NOT my idea. I originally found this idea HERE & Presley and I decided to try it out! It was a definite Presley approved (she is 21 months) project & perfect for the outdoors (it is MESSY!). The project is cheap & the perfect afternoon project for when you are bored & need something to keep the Toddler entertained!
HUGE tub of blue cheap hair gel: $2.00 – Walmart
Puffy Glow Paint: $.98c – Walmart
Blue Glitter Glue: $1.00 – Micheals (used 50% off coupon, was originally $2)
Glow Stars: $1.00 for a 25 pack in dollar section at Target
Water Bottle: Around $1.00 – or use one you have on hand

Step 1: Empty your bottle. We used a tiny water bottle & a larger sized one. I couldn’t decide. I ended up liking the smaller one better. Better for small hands & easier to light up quickly.
Step 2:
Squirt a tiny bit of Glow glue (to give a soft overall glow) and a little bit of glitter – because it’s gorgeous.
Step 3: Add stars & then fill with gel! Presley liked using the spoon (she loves practicing her coordination) but I used a medicine syringe to suck up the gel and cleanly squirt it into the bottle. The original blog post suggested to add some water to the bottle so that the consistency is thinner and the stars can move around. We ended doing about half gel & half water.
Step 4: Glue that cap on like it a’int nobodies business.
Then shake it up, grab a flashlight & head to the bathroom to test it out.

I adore MESSY afternoon projects. They make me feel like a good mom. What fun projects have you done lately? Any we should try?

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This week:

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