Sedona – Pt. 2 of 2

After getting a good nights rest, we enjoyed breakfast at the Hotel & then got ready for another day of adventures. The weather was absolutely incredible & we were so thankful because we thought it was going to be much colder than it turned out to be.
sedona bigOf course, we started the gorgeous day with some skateboarding, family selfies & then some pictures at this gorgeous bridge overlooking a river before we headed to Oak Creek to do a hike along the river. 

So the hike that we did a little bit of is a 6 mile roundtrip hike & you can even go further than that! The hike follows alongside a little river/stream and requires you to cross it 13 times! AH! (Queue my anxiety) – Thankfully Chad carried Presley over almost all of the ones we did because I’m pretty sure I would have fallen right in. It was absolutely gorgeous & Presley loved exploring. She fell asleep on Chad so when she did we turned around and headed back. She was in a dead sleep and when we passed someone with a little puppy and said, “Oh thats such a cute puppy!” she sat straight up and wanted to play with the puppy – it was so funny! sedona9

IMG_6968IMG_6999sedona10sedona11IMG_6962IMG_7028IMG_7052IMG_7057After we had some snacks & changed we walked around downtown and explored the town a bit before deciding to head home in time for Dinner & bedtime (this momma is crazy about keeping Presley on a schedule).
IMG_6931IMG_7124sedona13IMG_7103sedona12sedona14So, Sedona was a great success as you can see from all our pictures. Presley was in a good mood because we were constantly moving and exploring & she didn’t have anytime to be cranky. We had a blast exploring & didn’t spend any money other than on our Hotel & Dinner so we stayed true to our ‘frugal lifestyle’.

Now I’m just dying to go back.

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Sedona – Pt 1 of 2.

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22 months – I almost have a TWO year old

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MWU – Fall Festival

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