MWU Trick or Treat

Chad is in his Second year at Midwestern University – that means only two more years until he is a Dentist! It has been a very long, very challenging road & it has tested both of us. He is gone from 6am-6pm so he is mentally exhausted, and I’m with Presley all day so I am physically exhausted. We’ve learned how to compromise & how to help each other get through the day. Dental School is HARD, but I’m just so thankful that Presley will be able to have a future where she learns a good work ethic & we can have adventures & (while I am sure we will still worry about money) hopefully not stress about money too much.

Chads school is great, we chose to come to Arizona because of how amazing the school is. Not only are the staff & teachers great to Chad – but they have Mommy & Me classes, Baby Gym, and lots of after school activities to celebrate the Holidays and other events- for the families of the students.
IMG_6226This last week they had a ‘Safe Trick or Treating’ activity & I had just finished our costumes so we braved the heat and Presley got some practice asking for candy. My heart pretty much melted the entire time. We were parked in the parking lot to get dressed & as soon as Presley got dressed she LIT UP. She knew she was Queen Elsa and was on top of the world. Twirling and giggling & kept pointing to her Elsa sticker on her dress. It was really magical.

mwu3Presley was picking out some candy & turned around to a boy dressed up in a really scary costume. She FREAKED out. I laughed & took pictures. Mom award. Whoops.

IMG_6132Presley is seriously loving Tootsie Rolls lately. I mean, come on kid. Get the good stuff! Momma doesn’t want to only eat Tootsie Rolls.
mwu2IMG_6165We ran into an Olaf & an Anna so we had to stop and chat. Presley was obsessed with the little boy in his Olaf costume & the little girl thought I was Anna. She was adorable and kept giving me hugs & telling me how pretty I was and how she loved me. It was so cool & her Mom said that “this is better than Disneyland!”. It was great!
IMG_6170mwu5mwu4Presley threw a few fits, so we had a few interventions and quiet moments. I just can’t stay upset at this girl when she pops out that lip. I mean, seriously? Is there anything cuter?
mwu6IMG_6247IMG_6161We had a blast & I am so thankful a good blogger friend of mine was there and able to snap some pictures for us, Thank you Megan! People knew who we were so it was all worth it. Great success.

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