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Explore HUNGARY – Budapest


November was a whirlwind month for us and I absolutely loved every second of it (once I got over the stress of having overlapping house guests in our 2 bedroom apartment). Our long time friend Joey came to visit right as my Mom was leaving and we headed to Budapest for a weekend of exploring. Getting there was a bit of a pain, I thought I purchased us round trip tickets which would be around €150 ... Read the Post

EXPLORE AUSTRIA: The Swarovski Crystal World in Innsbruck


Time to share some photos from our visit to the Swarovski Crystal world in Innsbruck! Most of the museum felt like a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Crystal Edition but it was interesting to walk through. Outside was definitely our favorite part - there was a maze, a 4 story kids climbing play structure, playground, ferris wheel and water exhibit. There is a small souvenir shop and you can ... Read the Post

Scenes from Florence


Florence is birthplace of the renaissance and the most beautiful place to explore as a couple, a solo traveler, or in our case a family. With a four-day weekend in our calendar, I decided that a quick little getaway to Florence would be perfect. The weather was projected to be cool, but not rainy, and with it being the end of tourist season I was hopeful we would be able to explore with a smaller ... Read the Post

Our trip to Abu Dhabi – mostly just pictures!!!


Presley and I had the opportunity to go to Abu Dhabi for 3 weeks in July and I was thinking of putting together a travel guide, but there are enough out there in the world! Instead - I'll just share some pictures and some of my favorite activities that we were able to do! We spent a majority (85%) of our time in the pool or at the beach because it was over 100f every single day - nights never got ... Read the Post

Everything we did our first year in Italy……


I cannot believe we have lived in Italy for an entire year already!! TIME SLOW DOWN!!! I feel like I'm living in a very long breathtaking beautiful dream. I thought I would sit down today in absolute peace and quiet because Presley is in 1st grade this morning -after a very long summer- and collect all our adventures to put in one giant post. I don't think a single day has gone by that I haven't ... Read the Post

EXPLORE ITALY: A quick trip to Milan


Milan is one of those places I feel like I could visit a million times and never ever get sick of it. The duomo is absolutely breathtaking and part of me wishes I was an early riser so I could beat the grounds and go get the perfect twirling dress instagram shot. For now, I'll be fine with the crowds, Presley feeding the pigeons and riding bikes around town. Oh, and the Gelato. Hands down the BEST ... Read the Post