Waterslides & Waterballoons

A few weeks ago Chads school (Midwestern University) had an activity that we went to & had an amazing BBQ & lots of water fun! I love that his school is so geared towards family & social events. They always have fun stuff going on after class & even have lots of activities on a weekly basis for Mothers & Kids. I am so glad we chose to come to Arizona to school. We would have loved being close to Chads family in Washington or mine in Nebraska, or even learned how to be city folk in New York or San Francisco – but I really feel like Arizona was meant for us. We love it here & Chads school is so amazing. I’m so thankful he is spending 4 years at a school that he loves instead of at a different school that he didn’t like as much.
There was a huge slide & Chad took Presley down it once. She loved the slide until the water splashed up in her face. Then PANIC.

slideIMG_4776After we filled our bellies, Chad won a water balloon toss competition & Presley LOVED playing with all the water balloons. I kept trying to get her to squeeze them hard enough to pop on her, but she would squeeze & bite & drop them and they would never pop!

slide5IMG_4862This gorgeous little water baby! I love when she relaxes and enjoys the water. It’s so fun to see her exploring & splashing around. We try to get her in the water every week & she has gotten so much better in the tub. She used to throw fits & they would be quick baths, but now it’s so hard to get her out of the bathtub! Booyah for our growing water baby! 

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The Love Dare

It’s the FINAL countdown! One week until we officially begin the Love Dare! This next weekend I invite you to join myself & a group of other bloggers as we take on The Love Dare. Join us as we strengthen our relationship to our spouses & with God. You don’t need to be hurting, or in…

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Nuby – Tear Free Rinse Pail (REVIEW)

“At Nuby we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple, and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends, and continual product developments help us bring parents everything they need for their baby’s development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest, and most simple choices for you and…

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DIY – Coffee Filter Wreath

Presley and I have been working on decorating and filling our home with perfect little afternoon projects & lately we have been trying to work on our living room. We’ve got a large gorgeous entertainment center with lots of shelving & I’ve been dying to get it decorated. I saw this project floating around Pinterest (of course)…

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Parenting. In GIFS.

Becoming a parent has been quiet the awakening for muah. I assumed it wouldn’t be all cute bows and creating matching outfits. But holy cow is it something else. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire world – but I figured I should let those without a kid in on the secrets. Here…

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