Wood Picture Transfer – $2.19 a piece!


Okay, so this is a super easy project that I wish I could take credit for it. But I can’t. I pinned this baby over a year ago & finally decided to get around to doing it with some of our recent family pictures from Let Me See you Sparkle Photography. My sister-in-law actually did this project awhile ago & I absolutely loved it so she sent me tips & tricks (thanks Hil!) and here ya go. Ive been trying realllllly hard to not post anything unless it’s semi-original, or I modified the plans. I don’t like copycats. But, I posted some pictures on Instagram and y’all went cray cray with questions so I broke it down & took lots of pictures. The original instructions are found HERE. When I broke the price down, it ended being like $2 per wood block. So, everyone is getting these for Christmas because we are poor students. The end. I’ll include the price breakdown at the end so you can be smart & frugal too. Why not?

Alright, so I printed off 4 pictures & headed to Home Depot. I found the cheapest board of wood that was the same size of my picture (so I wouldn’t have to do a lot of cuts) & that was that. It was $8.66 & it was about 5-6 feet tall. I lined up my pictures & drew lines for hubby to cut for me. You could just have this done at Home Depot if you don’t have a saw at home, I think the first 2 cuts are free & then it’s like 50c after – so not horribly expensive.

wood1Presley does NOT like the saw, it’s pretty stinking loud & she makes sure to get as far as physically possible away from it. She was in my lap, but as soon as Daddy pulled out the saw she ran to the other side of the garage. Smart girl :)
So after Chad cut down the wood (Our post made 7 of the 8×10 size pictures), I took 4 of them with our sander to sand them down a little bit. This is a completely optional step – and not really necessary. I just hate splinters & I wanted the wood to have a very smooth finish & slightly rounded corners to look a little more finished. You definitely could do this by hand with sandpaper if you don’t have a sander. Easy peasy.
After the blocks were sanded, I wiped them down with a damp rag to get all the dust off & let them dry for a few hours to make sure they weren’t damp. Then I picked which picture would go on which block of wood. Some of them had some darker grain, one had a big knot on it. So I made sure a face wasn’t going to line up on a knot & then pulled out the gel medium.

wood5The gel medium I found at Micheals and used a 40% off coupon (Which you can get in an email, mail OR I just use my Joanns app on my phone and they will use a competitors coupon) so the jar of gel medium was only $12. I only used about 1/5th of the jar (if that) for the 4 8×10 pictures – so this stuff goes a long way! I painted on an even layer & then layed the pictures down PICTURE SIDE DOWN directly onto the gel medium & then used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles or lumps. *MAKE SURE IF YOU ARE DOING AN IMAGE WITH TEXT THAT YOU FLIP THE IMAGE BEFORE PRINTING*
Let dry overnight. I had to stick them up very high so I would kinda forget about them and not just skip the ‘overnight’ part.

This is the fun part! Take a wet rag & run it over the entire block & your image will show up. Then working in small sections rub off the paper – the image will stay behind. You have to find a happy medium between rubbing too hard & making your image completely come off the wood block (which I purposely did to create a more vintage look) and too soft – leaving some film behind. I went over the image once, let it dry & then went at it again once the picture had dried & I could see the areas where more paper needed to be rubbed off.
wood7Next, I measured the back of the wood blocks & added hardware so that I could hang them pretty easily. I found 6 of these in a small thing at Walmart for a buck – so an easy way to make sure these can be put up on the wall.
wood8Admire. & Then decide where to put them:

wood9I added a small layer of Mod Podge to the top to just seal them – but I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. Love that it protects, but with the light on it, I can see the brush strokes & that bothers me. So, its a toss up. To seal or not to seal.

Not bad huh?

So as promised, here is the price breakdown:


Wood: Home Depot $8.66 – Makes 7. $1.24 each
Gel Medium: Michaels – purchased with 40% off coupon – $12.60. For these 4 I used approx 1/5. So $.63 each
Picture: Printed in either color or b&w – approx $.15 each
Hanging Hardware: $1.00 for 6 at Walmart – $.17 each

Optional: Mod Podge to seal – not included in price, because who doesn’t have this on hand?!

So, thats $2.19 per picture. I mean, I kinda want to make like a trillion more. Why the heck not? My sister-in-law who did the project forever ago has smaller sizes & they are ADORABLE! She did text (and made sure to flip it before printing!) and I love that idea! You could do family pictures, favorite quotes, I mean – the possibilities are endless.



So, what are you going to make? What are you pinning lately – any fun projects I should try? I’m always down for a cheap fun project – send them my way!


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This or That…….And a Giveaway


So, hopefully this last month you have clicked over to visit Annie at her blog. She has a darling little boy Jax (and a kitty!)& is a mommy blogger that you’d definitely get along with. Annie posts recipes, about married life, & of course her baby boy – because, duh, he is ADORABLE. We teamed up on this fabulous Monday for a little ‘This or That’. Play along & let me know who you are more like, Annie or Me?!

1.) Boy band or Big Band?
Annie: Big Band (I’m an old soul!)
Tausha: Boy band all the way…..I’m top 40′s charts all the way!

2.) Sweet or salty?
Annie: Sweet
Tausha: Sweet!


3.) Gossip or Home Improvement Magazines?

Annie: Ooh, toughy.. I gotta go with Home on this one (Country Living is my jam!)
Tausha: Home Improvement, although I get mad when I can’t pin something I like!

4.) Tea or Coffee?
Annie: Normally tea.. but lately gourmet coffee (more caffeine=more upbeat mamma)
Tausha: Coffee. All.The.Way

5.) Beer, Wine, or Cocktail?
Annie: PJ (Pre-Jackson) days, my answer would have been whiskey and diet coke.. today, it’s wine (one glass does me in!).
Tausha: All of the above. Kidding. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not an alcoholic.


6.) Email or Snail Mail?
Annie: Snail.
Tausha. Snail – so much more personal!

7.) Movie or Book?
Annie: Book (when I can find the time to read!)
Tausha: Movie!

8.) Mexican or Italian food?
Annie: Mexican
Tausha: Mexican

9.) Cupcakes or Ice Cream?
Annie: Cupcakes
Tausha: Ice cream!

10.) iPhone or Android?
Annie: iPhone
Tausha: iPhone – all day err’day!

11.) Harry Potter or Twilight?
Annie: Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never read or seen either of these? With that being said, I’ll go Twilight?
Tausha: Twilight. Obsessed – and proud of it!
(My response to Annie:)


12.) Manicure or Pedicure?
Annie: Pedi (my mani gets picked/chewed off within minutes)
Tausha: Pedicure, my manicures (unless gel) only last a day!

13.) Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth
Annie: Bradley Cooper.
Tausha: Both. Kidding. Chris Hemsworth

14.) Vanilla or Chocolate?
Annie: Chocolate!
Tausha: Vanilla! (With toppings of course!)

15.) Hot or Cold weather?
Annie: Cold (LOVE Christmas, snow, and scarves!)
Tausha: Hot, any day!

16.) Dog or Cat?
Annie: My answer used to be dog.. but now it’s cat (I have Bitsy to thank for that)
Tausha: Dog! I love my puppy Dex!

17.) Drive or Fly?
Annie: Fly!
Tausha: Fly! I used to love to drive, EVERYTHING changes with a kid! Get me from A to B the fastest way possible!

18.) Silver or Gold?
Annie: Silver.
Tausha: Silver

19.) Facebook or Instagram?
Annie: Instagram!
Tausha: Never make me choose! Okay, Instagram.

20.) Target or Ikea?
Annie: Target (I had a really, really, really bad Ikea experience.. that story is for another time)
Tausha: Target


And, because we love y’all, we threw together some of our favorites: 3 Essie fall nail polish colors, chocolate, handmade soap….You’ll love it. Promise. Where you more like Me or Annie? Let me know in the comments :)

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19 Month Stats


BY FAR, my favorite month so far. Oh the sleep. The glorious sleep. We switched from footed pajamas to lighter open pjs, flipped her mattress, started using DoTerra oils (Lavender) & doing CryItOut. Presley has slept 11 hours straight for the last 3 weeks. As a result, she is happier, and healthier. And, to be honest – I am a better Mother. We haven’t had any doctors trips (other than for her arm) & she seems to be doing much better health wise. It feels amazing to sleep all night (and we have, usually we are in bed around 10pm until 7am!). I keep telling myself I am catching up from missed sleep for the last 18 months so I have an excuse to not be productive! Oh it feels so good for our entire house to be sleeping all night. I keep thinking, ‘Oh, I could have a second kid, this is totally doable.” Then I laugh & remember the last year and a half of NO sleeping. I think we will just wait a litttttttle while longer.

Here are some stats on my baby girl: Presley is still wearing some 12 month shirts, but has mostly moved entirely to 18month clothing & pjs. She is 21 pounds and about 30-31 inches. She is still wearing size 3 diapers, and is in size 4 shoes. She sits forward facing in the car & the screaming is long gone (95% of the time!)

Words: Mama, Dada, Dex, Ball, Balloon, Apple, Banana, Up, Nemo, Elmo, Olaf, Grandpa, Bubbles, Yes, No, & Boobie.

IMG_2759(Flowers from GracefulPaper on Etsy)

Signs: More, All done, Please, Thank you. She signs ‘more’ ALL.THE.TIME – the others take some reminding…..

Animal noises: Elephant, Cow, Horse, Chicken, Duck, Bird, Bear (Alligator, Lion, Tiger), Frog, Snake, Cat, Dog, Goat/Sheep, Giraffe, Fish, Bee/Fly – You name is, this girl can make the sound. She loves, loves, loves her animals.

RANDOM: She LOVES watching videos of herself on my iPhone & can navigate the iPhone & iPad all by herself. She loves her counting and shapes games on the iPad & that keeps her distracted so we can sit through Sacrament Meeting at church, car rides over 30 minutes & if we need to get something done around the house. She is starting to hit, bite, kick & throw herself down when she doesn’t get her way – But will go to her room on her own after instructed for ‘time-out, calm down time’. Usually she comes out on her own after a few minutes happier & ready to talk about her actions. She loves going to the indoor jungle gym & our local swimming pool. Loves throws with Daddy, baths with Dexxy & playing in the backyard in her sandbox/playhouse.
IMG_3264She is developing pretty slowly, and not talking too much – but our Pediatrician recommended waiting until she was 2 to start any sort of evaluation or therapy. Presley can smile, wink, laugh & sing when you ask her to – and understands just about everything we are saying. She is sitting in a booster seat at the table & will have a week of eating everything in sight, to not eating anything at all. She loves vegetables, black beans, parmesan cheese, Mac n cheese, and broccoli cheese rice. She snacks throughout the day and loves corn puff popcorns (“pirates booty”), pretzel sticks & goldfish.
I’m so excited for all the next stages of Presley. I feel like I can do anything & handle anything because I am able to get a full nights sleep. The last year and a half was HARD – not only because of our several moves & Chad starting Dental School & the adjustments that came with that; but the lack of sleep was horrendous on my attitude. I see the days with a completely different light now that the house is getting rest. Hall – a -freaking – lujah!

1-16 17,18,19

Crazy how big she has gotten right?! I love this big crazy girl more than I could ever even put into words. Motherhood is crazy y’all.

Nuby Review – Splash n’ Catch Bathtime Fishing Set


“At Nuby we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple, and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends, and continual product developments help us bring parents everything they need for their baby’s development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest, and most simple choices for you and your baby.”

I wrote about our ‘Bedtime Routine’ a few months ago – but we have had the same routine since Presley was a baby & she definitely thrives on it. She knows exactly what comes next & it helps get her settled down & ready for bed every night. Part of the routine is a nightly bath which is a fun time for me to sit back & just watch her learn & play in the water. (Alright, and to admire her squishy little bum cheeks!) So I love when we find new bath toys for her to play with – and of course, Nuby is always our go-to. Our latest bath toy addition is the Fishing Set from Nuby! Presley has been playing with this toy every single bath time for the last week – she loves fishing for all her toys, filling it up & then dumping it out!

The Splash n’ Catch Bathtime Fishing Set is PERFECT for Toddlers because it teaches coordination, development & is fun for them to play with. It dries out easy, doesn’t hold water & is easy for those cute little squishy fingers to hold. This is a total bath time Nuby win for us!

Available at: www.buybabydirect.com, www.amazon.com, www.idealbaby.com, www.buybuybaby.com, www.bedbathandbeyond.com, www.diapers.com, Tuesday Morning & Bealls.
Connect with Nuby:


You can find all my Nuby reviews HERE.

*I am a Nuby mommy blogger. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. We love Nuby and I wouldn’t share it with you if I didn’t believe it was an amazing company with amazing products.*

Newport Zoo – Round 2

Last time we visited Kari in Newport, we had an amazing trip to the Newport Zoo - so of course we decided to go back again this trip. This time we met up with my good blogger friend, turned real life friend & her family. Blogging is a crazy thing, it seems like it started out as a small thing I used to do weekly to keep family informed about what we were doing when we were dating. Now it’s evolved into my greatest passion. I have lots of growing & learning to do – but I look forward to sitting down with my computer & my ‘friends’ so much. This community of bloggers I’ve met are the people I call & text when I’m having a rough day & they are the ones that send goodies in the mail, love notes & pins. It’s my happy place, even if I can’t describe it to anyone (let alone Chad!). Nay, is one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve ever met. She’s got a huge heart & has always been there for me. She holds a very, very special place in my heart. I loved meeting up with her & showing Chad that these people that I sit with & giggle about on my computer DO exist.

zoo1IMG_3083zoo2IMG_3084zoo3IMG_3090IMG_3103zoo5IMG_3087zoo4zoo6Nay & her family just loved us with open arms. They brought Presley a little Nemo & couldn’t stop showering her with hugs & cuddles. It melted my heart to see Presley so happy in the Zoo & comfortable around Nay & her family. It was such a fun morning & I am so thankful for all the incredible relationships & people I have met through blogging. It really is rad. Stop by and check out Nay. She is a very honest, raw writer who has an amazing way with words. You’ll love her, promise.

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