Holy moly. Presley is going to be TWO next month. I just can’t even wrap my mind around that. I still see her as such a little baby – yet, I know how much of a big girl she is. It really is true when they say, ‘the days are long, but the years are short.’ Here are all the details about my gal…
23 months1

Wearing: I pulled down all her ‘winter’ 2t stuff so she could start wearing some of that. Most of it is big & slightly baggy on her but I know she has plenty of time to grow into it. It’s fun to have a full new wardrobe of clothes to put her in! Diapers – Size 3 & 4. We made the switch to size 4, but then realized it was still a little big so we went back to 3’s. Hopefully another box or two of those & then we will make the switch. She is 24 pounds & LOVES to weigh herself every morning. I have NO idea where she got this – I don’t think she ever saw me step on a scale (Checking my weight isn’t something I do). She is wearing size 4 & 5 shoes -which include tennis shoes & sandals – crazy because she refused shoes until she was 13/14 months.
23 monthsWords: Love. Off. Sad. Please. Help. Outside/slide. Open. Dex. Baby. Presley. Anna. Elsa. Olaf. Sven. Nemo. Dory. Turtle. Fishies. Momma. Mommy. Dada. Gpa. Hi. Bye. I know. No. Yes. Uh oh. Oops. Nose. Head. Eyes. Ear. Knee. Bum. Pee/Poop. Chalk. Avocado. Apple. Banana. Candy. Cookie. Water. Milk. Juice. Chocolate. Stairs. Airplane. I mean, you name is – this girl can pretty much say anything. We are trying to get her to put works together, right now she will just say one word, “Apple” instead of “Apple Please”.

7am. Wake, nurse* & rediscover all her toys. She is so funny in the morning – it’s like she forgot she had all her toys while she slept.
8am. Helps me make breakfast & we usually eat at the table and listen to music & then have a dance party
9am. Get ready with Mommy. She LOVES doing makeup like mommy. (See picture above) Concealer is her favorite!
10-12: Morning activity out of the house. Tot Town/Zoo/Indoor Jungle Gym/ Library/Music Makers/Grocery shop/Errands
12: Lunch and wind down down. We usually eat on the floor in the living room on our ‘picnic blanket’ and do puzzles or color
1-2: Nap
2: Afternoon activity: Sticker projects/Coloring/Playdoh/Baking Cookies
3: Movie time so Mommy can relax & catch up on Social Media
4-5: Clean up time! Presley LOVES to follow behind me tidying up all our destruction of the day. We can usually tidy the house, make beds, start laundry, do dishes & sweep in about an hour.
5-6: Play time and the countdown until Daddy gets home! This is also when I usually start cooking dinner
6-7: Dinner and Daddy time
7-830: Walk around the block, bath time, books & boobie for bed!
830ish to 7ish – ASLEEP

*Nursing: 3 times a day. Morning-after her nap – bedtime. I am beyond excited we have made it this far & am sad about weaning her but am also very excited to be able to sneak away for some mommy getaways!
Presley has NEVER been a sleeper. EVER. I swear by Cry it Out – but because she is always sick it is tricky. For the last 5-6 months Presley has consistently slept through the night 10-11 straight. If she wakes up, she usually cries for 2-3 minutes and then falls back asleep. Surprisingly – even when she’s been sick – she will sleep almost instantly fall back asleep. For the last 2 weeks, Presley has woken up several times throughout the night and will NOT fall back asleep unless she is held/rocked – We are EXHAUSTED. I don’t know if it’s been the change to our schedule (Chad on break & lots of adventures – visitors here recently) or if she is getting her last set of teeth, or just going through a cuddle phase – but I hate that she isn’t sleeping as well as she used to! I got used to getting stuff done & getting a full nights rest, now – I just go to bed as soon as she does because I know she will be up several times throughout the night.

Personality: More and more everyday I am able to see who Presley is. She has a very kind heart & is very receptive to the mood around her. She loves to give hugs and kisses when you are sick or sad & loves ALL animals & her stuffed animals. She loves slow dancing & exploring everything around her. She has a very kind, gentle soul & also knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t budge when she makes up her mind. I am so thankful that I get to nurture her & help her become who she is supposed to be. It’s incredible to see the little person she is becoming.
It is crazy how much my heart grows for her everyday. She challenges me and forces me to be a patient, selfless Mother. She makes me be brave & forces me to make the best choices. She has wild hair & is strong willed & has eyes that light up a room. I cannot imagine a day without her & how I survived without her in my life before. I see more & more everyday how everyday of my life was preparation for her & her light. I cannot wait to give her siblings & babies to love on – but for now; I am enjoying my big momma’s girl & all of our special days together.
DSC_0301-2And holy countdown until she is TWO YEARS OLD.

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