Q&A with Sabrina

One of my amazing sponsors Sabrina is here today, taking over so Presley and I can relax in our pajamas covered in tissues. Being sick stinks, but at least both of us are – so we are both allowed to be lazy. I really feel like Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to be sick……I’m just thankful that I am lucky enough to be a stay at home. It is one of those things that I become more & more thankful for every passing day. It’s challenging & requires lots of patience, penny pinching & working late into the night – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


1. Obviously your blog is your name, has it always been?
No, actually I rebranded a few months ago. I used to blog under the name “Cattails + Cardigans”. I rebranded to “Hey Sabrina Faith” after months of feeling unmotivated to blog, not feeling excited about what I was putting out and overall just being bummed with what I was doing. Cattails + Cardigans was a name I picked out in high school, when I first started blogging + it just wasn’t me.  I started out blogging thinking I would do fashion posts and my blog has never been a fashion blog..I spent MONTHS throwing around new blog name ideas and I decided on going with “Hey Sabrina Faith” because it felt like ME. I had always used the username “heysabrina” (since Myspace days- wowza) and I like my name, my name will always be ME and I won’t ever outgrow it. It fits me and it will fit whatever part of life I’m at.
2. You look like a makeup guru? Yes? Any tips for us not so makeup happy?
I wouldn’t call myself a guru, maybe a makeup junkie..er lover. ha! I spend a lot of time watching (& making) YouTube videos to help myself learn all I can about makeup- there’s honestly so many talented people on YouTube. My biggest tip I can share is BLEND. Blend out your eye shadows, your foundation, your blush, contour, blend until your hand hurts. haha That will always make you look FLAWLESS… oh, and maybe make sure your foundation is the right shade. (:
3. Why do you blog?
This is such a complicated answer. I started blogging to document my journey as a high school senior- living on my own and trying to figure out what I was doing with my life. My life took a huge turn in 2012 that I wasn’t ever expecting and my blog became a place to not only document but also a way to cope. After my car accident left me paralyzed, I spent months in the hospital and then a year in a state where I knew nobody. Writing a blog helped me sort my thoughts and cope with the new life I had to learn to live. Through this blog, I’ve met some best friends (one of which I got to meet IRL in March) and I honestly feel it helped me find who I truly am. I also just love sharing my tips, tricks and things I love with others who appreciate the same things as I do!
4. What are your top 5 favorite TV series?
I honestly don’t watch that much t.v. but a few of my favorites would be Big Brother, Teen Mom 2, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and I just
started watchingThe Strain!
5. Where are you currently living? Where do you want to live?
I currently live in the Mid West, Illinois to be exact! I really like it here but if I had to pick some where else to live, I’d pick California! It’s so beautiful there.
6. What is your favorite thing about fall?
I love fall so much, hands down the BEST time of year! I love the weather, the fashion, the deep vampy makeup. I love Halloween, being
scared and of course my birthday comes every October.
7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I may have already answered this in an above question- but I really love the community. I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging. I also love learning what others share!
8. You are a fur-mommy! Whats your pets name & fun facts about him/her?
I am! Gregory is my cat and he’s a handful. He’s a little over two years old and I rescued him when he was just a kitten. Gregory loves
eating candy! I have candy sitting on my living room table for guests and there’s been MANY occasions where I’ve had to take away candy from him. Just the other day he dug out an orange air head and ripped it open. I had to dig in his mouth to get the plastic he was trying to eat.

9. What are your favorite blogs to follow?
Some blogs I check on the reg are Savannah Smiled, The Clueless Girl’s Guide, The Dainty Squid, Like An Arrow + Mandy Leigh.

 10. Whats your favorite blog post from your blog? Why?
This is a hard one too. BUT if I had to pick one, I’d pick this one about what I learned from my big sister! My big sister is my best friend and she’s taught me so much so I loved being able to share some of those things with you all! <3


 So, I’m back to the couch for cuddles & Nemo for the millionth time – how about you go visit Sabrina & show her some love. Girl just poured her heart out and deserves a virtual hug from us. XOXO. Happy Wednesday!

DVR/Hulu/Netflix. All the series.

Okay, so it’s September. Der. As if you haven’t been bombarded with #psl & boot socks enough already. But, I’m a tv gal, so September (especially in Arizona) means one thing.  My shows. All my shows. On the brink of being back. The stressed out because I’ve got 10 episodes in my Hulu queue and can’t possibly avoid the housework any longer stress. It fuels me. Some like to be out in the fall flaunting their scarfs & tunics, but I’m happy on the couch with my hot cocoa & the AC blasting so I can curl up in a blanket. I’ve given just about every series a shot & of course, have fallen in love with almost all of them.

I’ve got a few too many favorites, but, If I had to narrow it down to my top 5. Well. Here they are.

1// The Vampire Diaries
Because, duh. Ian Somerhalder is perfection & Nina Dobrev’s hair makes me want extensions. Aside from that: the dark, twisted love story is amazing; character plot & storyline is creative & elaborate. I forget about everything else when this is on. I put my phone down, don’t work on anything else and just breath it in. I jumped on this train late & absolutely loved watching season after season until I got up to date. I don’t know why it took me so long to start (well, other than the fact that they totally copied Twilight & that made me mad. Until I realized it was way better). Plus, the casting for EVERY character is incredible – they couldn’t have done it better. I am aching to find out what happens this season. The end of last season might have put me into a downward spiral. And by might, I mean I sobbed.

2// Greys Anatomy
greysFor me, Greys Anatomy just feels like home. After one hundred seasons you just KNOW them. This is one of my favorites because I’ve loved watching the storyline & characters develop – but also because I love seeing all the celebrity cameos – and all of the cancer/tumor/’we caught this just in time’ life saving stories make me melt a little inside. It gives me an appreciation for Doctors & Nurses – and it’s fun feeling like I have some medical knowledge. All of which is probably completely false & I remind myself to not say anything related to ‘Greys Anatomy’ during a medical conversation.

3// Revenge
revengeOh Revenge. Definitely one of my top favorites. This is the one I save for last because I love it so much. I can’t just watch 45 minutes and be done so I hold out for a few weeks & then watch 2-3 in a row. I am completely in love with this in depth plot line & development. It is compelling, hard to follow & requires full attention. This is a series I would purchase because I’d love to watch it again from the beginning. It’s not one of those TV series you can just relax and fall asleep to, it keeps you on the edge of the couch munching away at popcorn & begging for more. Emily VanCamp just has a down to earth look & personality that this show seems so real & so possible that it’s fun to just let yourself get carried away.

4// The Originals
originalsAlright, so this isn’t cheating by picking another Vampire Series. The Vampire Diaries was just so amazing, they HAD to create a spin-off & of course Joseph Morgan (Niklaus) is smoking hot & powerful & makes me want to drink blood as a hobby. I love that this ties in with Vampire Diaries but gives the other perspective – makes it pretty interesting to see the two weave together. And Niklaus. Enough said. *drool*

5// Pretty Little Liars
prettySomebody tell me who the friggin F bomb ‘A’ is – because I’m exhausted after 5 seasons blaming everyone and their mother to find out I am wrong. You would think I’d just read the books & be over it, but I can’t! The suspense gives me life!  Alright, other than this being completely High School & dramatic & anticlimactic – it’s fun! The girls are gorgeous, have rad style – Ezra & Toby are hotties. I mean, what isn’t there to like about it. I’m a drama liking little momma.

So, theres that. My top 5. Not bad huh?

Honorable mentions: Scandal, Smash, Arrow, The Walking Dead, New Girl, Orange is the new Black, Glee, The New Normal, The Originals, Super Fun Night, American Horror Story, Dancing with the Stars, Nashville, Parenthood, White Colar

Super excited for: How to get away with Murder

Have avoided but might cave: Once upon a time, Mistresses

What are your favorites? Am I missing anything?? Oh, and I totally stole this idea from Nora. That girl is my soul sister when it comes to series.

Believe in You & Me – The Love Dare

lovedare1I guess it’s time that I officially announce that I will be hosting/organizing a very large version of The Love Dare. It’s also time that I announce I am a hopeless romantic who has read every romance, self-help & relationship book for different perspectives on relationships. If I wasn’t so in love with being a Stay at home Mom, I really do think I’d make a pretty good Marriage Counselor. And while I am announcing things, let me announce and throw this out into the world – my marriage is NOT perfect. It’s actually far from perfect. Not too long ago we checked the ‘dissolution of marriage’ box, yet have taken a step back to believe in US & to strive for something better, something deeper, something to love & look forward to.

That’s why I am here.

And I hope you are too. Well, I actually hope your marriage isn’t haven’t problems….But hey, it’s a marriage & it’s middle name is ‘this is not how they made it look in the movies’. I hope that whether your relationship is perfect, or on the rocks, or inches from Divorce – that you have that tiny sliver of hope for happiness & love & a healthy flourishing relationship. Because with Hope, God & a shiz load of work – it can be better.

Beginning in October 39 other bloggers & myself with be bringing you ‘The Love Dare’. Cute printables, 40 different perspectives on marriage & tricky situations & well, lots of advice, wisdom, experience & enough love & happiness to fix any of our problems.

You can purchase The Love Dare on amazon. We will be creating cute little printables of all the dares for you to work on each day, for 40 days with your spouse (with the exact dares from the book – so you really don’t need it). BUT, if you want to dig a little deeper & have some journal room – I highly recommend purchasing the book.

To get a better idea of The Love Dare race to Netflix and watch Fireproof. It will move you. It is beautiful & will light that fire within you to make things better.

If you have any questions, send me an email. If you want to contribute, send me an email. Send me all the emails. Happy weekend.

Montana Recap

Well, since we have finally unpacked (yes, it took us 2 weeks) from our weekend trip to Montana – I figured now was as good of a time as ever to recap our trip. It was our first time visiting Montana & I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. Montana is absolutely gorgeous & we had a blast in the short time we were there. The first morning we were there Eric took us on a Presley approved hike that ran right alongside a river – it was beautiful & the weather was incredible. Presley loved playing in the dirt & finding pinecones – but mostly loved being carried on Daddies shoulders. Daddies girl all the way this one.
IMG_3941hike2IMG_3949hike1IMG_3963IMG_3994Our main purpose of going to Montana was for Eric & Eliza’s wedding. They were married on Saturday at the Billings, Montana temple & it was absolutely incredible to be there. It was incredible seeing Eric (who Chad has known almost his entire life) so happy & in love. It was beautiful watching two families come together & we had a blast at the reception. I snapped a few hundred pictures, but here are some of my favorites from the day:
photowedding1ee4ee3ee5ee6ee7ee8IMG_4171ee9ee10It was such a quick weekend trip but Chad had to get back to school & we were just thankful we got to be a part of Eric’s big day. I fell in love with what we saw of Montana & am already dying to go back to visit Eric & explore some more.

Have you ever been to Montana?

Presley’s 20 Month Update

It’s kind of crazy to me that in 4 months Presley will be TWO. Uhm, what? That came & went by pretty stinking quick, well, at least the last 6 months have. Presley has the most adorable little personality & it is coming out more & more every week. She is so kind & loving & she loves to share. She is very shy, but when things are on her terms she is hilarious & happy. She really is the perfect match for me. She teaches me everyday that patience, and messes & not following To-Do lists are perfectly okay.


She is wearing: Size 3 diapers, Size 18 month clothing & is 21 (mayyyybe 22) pounds. She’s seems so much bigger every single day. Sometimes I look at her and am like, “when did you grow like 6 inches child?” During this hot summer Presley has pretty much lived in short dresses & little bloomers or shorts & small tops. It’s been so stinking hot in Arizona. I’m excited that it is cooling down & we can finally start putting her in all the clothes she hasn’t been able to wear! She has 12 teeth & is about ready to get her second set of molars! They are working the way up to her gums, so hopefully in the next few weeks they will make an appearance (her first set up molars took 9 weeks from first sign, to them breaking through the gums!)


Presley’s vocabulary is growing sllllooowwwllllly but we have been told not to worry too much for a few more months. So far her words include: Help/Up, Down, Turtle, Apple, Mama, Dada, Dex, Shoes/Juice, No, Yes, Elmo, Nemo, Olaf, Ball, Boobie & Grandpa

She signs: same 4 (Please, More, Thankyou, All Done), we haven’t taught her anymore – we are trying to get her to talk! We cannot get her to say any of these words now that she signs them! Tricky!

Eating: Presley started refusing to sit in her High Chair & we finally found out why; Presley is a big girl now & wants to sit at the table like US. So, we picked up a booster seat & she has joined us at the table again! Presley eats 3 meals a day & then usually snacks throughout the day. She goes through crazy spurts of eating everything in front of her, to not eating ANYTHING at all. Drives me crazy.

Breakfast: 3-4 French Toast Sticks & we share a banana. Or a waffle & fruit (Strawberries/Blueberries). Or we share a bowl of cereal
Lunch: Mac-n-cheese, black beans & veggies, or leftovers
Dinner: She eats whatever we are eating

Favorites: Parmesan cheese (I am so sick of cleaning up the mess of this crap!), ALL veggies, black beans & this girl is getting an every growing sweet tooth! She also loves to eat dog food, dog treats & pretty much anything she’s NOT supposed to be eating. She loves the kid cliff bars, apple slices, (or just taking 1 bite out of each apple/plum/nectarine/peach in the fruit bowl), she goes wild for sugar snap peas & still loves her Mac-n-cheese! eating20

20 months as a boobie baby! YES! I had a horrific nipple issue this month. My poor brother in law was there to witness an entire top layer of my nipple being ripped off. Presley bit me & then my nipple cracked and was so painful every time she nursed. Finally, after a long nursing session the entire top layer of my nipple was just hanging on & I ripped it off. And, now that you’ve thrown up in your mouth. Just imagine sticking that baby in a salt water bath 5x a day to try to get it to heal. Don’t ask how it is, because it hurts – but it’s getting better & I will NOT let this stop me from my 2 year goal. Yes, I know i’m crazy. I’m shaking my own head at myself. Other than boobie, Presley drinks water ALL DAY LONG. She’s not a big fan of juice, but will occasionally drink Apple Juice. We don’t encourage it as she is perfectly fine with water.
Presley’s favorites: Being outside, playing in her sandbox, ANY animal, balls, bubbles & helping me with chores. She loves reading stories, watching movies of herself & playing on the iPad. She loves climbing stairs, going down slides & playing at the pool with Daddy.
As far as sleep is concerned. Oh the sleep. The glorious, glorious sleep. It took us 18 long, very hard months to get Presley to sleep through the night. But it is here, and it is glorious. Some days I’m sure I can have more babies because of all this sleep I’m getting, other days I don’t want anything to ruin all this glorious sleep. Presley takes one 1 hour nap and then sleeps at night 10-11 hours straight. She will occasionally wake up during the night, but puts herself back to sleep after 3-5 minutes of fussing. We are on week 10 of sleeping through the night (yes, I’m counting!). Heaven I tell ya.
winksmile20Randoms: We have started strictly enforcing ‘quiet time/time outs’ when Presley doesn’t listen, or she bites/hits/kicks/throws etc. We tell her to go to her room & she will go into her room & shut the door (95% of the time on her own), read several books & then come out for a ‘talk’. She understands SOOO much, she can bring you anything you ask for, point to anything in a book, and she can even wink, smile, laugh, cough, sneeze, sing, clap, and jump on command. It’s crazy to see her pick up little things we do. I was painting my nails and held them in front of my face to blow them & she started doing the same thing…..Crazy how much kids mimic their parents.

Happy 20 months to my big squishy girl. You have gotten big & I’ve loved every minute of being your Mother. I can’t wait for all the minutes of forever with you by my side.

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