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Explore Vienna: The Austrian National Library


Visiting this Library in Vienna was undoubtedly the only thing I really wanted to do, well, other than touring the catacombs under Stephansplatz. Sometimes I get to caught up when adventure planning that I find things for Chad to do, make sure we have Presley activities scattered in all our site-seeing but I've been trying to find things that will fill my adventure cup as well. I got to pinning on ... Read the Post

VIENNA: Visiting Stephansplatz


I think my favorite part about Europe (other than absolutely  everything) is that there are castles & cathedrals everywhere you turn and they are truly magnificent. We explored Schönbrunn palace & the Zoo, the amazing Austrian National Library and I couldn't wait to visit Stephansplatz and see if we could tour the catacombs underneath. St. Stephens Cathedral is built on top of two older ... Read the Post

Visiting the Vienna Zoo


When we confirmed our Pet Sit in Vienna I immediately started Pinning and researching all the fun things we could do while we were in town. Between 'boring' adult things like touring the Catacombs under the Cathedral, wandering around Museums and taking pictures on every gorgeous street corner; I try to find things that will also entertain Presley. The Schönbrunn Zoo is located behind the palace ... Read the Post

A Quick Stop in Monopoli


Last up on our Puglia Weekend adventures was exploring the coast of Monopoli. Our first stops in Bari, Polignano, Alberobello and Matera were amazing but we couldn't pass up Monopoli on our way to the airport! The whatever was so blue & there were caves everywhere we looked. This would be such an amazing summer trip for snorkeling, paddle boarding and even scuba diving! I mean, look at that ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: The Sassi of Matera

IMG_4184 copy

Next up on our exploration of the Puglia Region was the city of Matera. Right after I booked our flight into Bari I started researching things to see while visiting the area and I knew that after we visited Polignano, had dinner at the famous Grotta Palazzese, explored the Trulli of Alberobello that we HAD to spend a day walking around Matera. I stumbled across pictures of Matera and instantly ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: The Trulli of Alberobello

Alberobello - beautiful tree - is an amazing city located in the southern region of Italy in the Puglia Region. The trulli homes with their conical roofs became a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. When we booked our trip to Bari, I knew we had to stay in a Trullo so I quickly got to planning a stop in Alberobello. We ended up making this our 'home base' for 2 days as we wanted a day ... Read the Post