Mom & Mini – Maxi Skirts

This last week Chads school had a crafty class and I was able to sneak away for a few hours to go. The class was a Mom & Mini – Maxi Skirt class so I was very excited to learn how to make one. I could pretty much live in Maxi skirts. Like yoga pants – they are perfect for ALL situations and are so comfortable. They are my ideal Sunday go-to. Perfect for church & then cozy enough for relaxing Sunday afternoons.

The class: $10.00 for one on one instructions and guidance through making 2 skirts. Class approx. 3 hours. (of freedom!)
Fabric: Purchased 4 yards for $8.00 from SAS Fabrics – I do not personally recommend shopping here. The service was horrible & the fabric was see through, stained & had holes. It took us 2 hours to make this purchase & overall was a horrid place BUT – $8 for 4 yards of fabric when you are on a budget it pretty rad.

Please excuse my hot mess hair – I waited until the last minute to text my Stylist for an appointment to find out she was booked solid for 3 weeks. I almost cried. So I am dying for some bleach. Or just trying to be cozy with Ombre. Presley and I just had to get some pictures in our matching skirts while we had Daddy home. I mean, I couldn’t wait for a hair appointment….Presleys big into copying right now, I bend over – she bends over. I get low to talk to her & she sits on her knees. She’s hilarious to watch mimicking us.

skirts2skirts4skirts3Daddy voted & we wore out matching outfits out for errands. I had a giddy heart the entire time. THIS is what I thought being a Mother would be like. Matching outfits, pushing shopping carts with my girl. It was heavenly & such a tender moment for me. My heart was so full & thankful that I was able to craft in quiet for 3 hours, that the skirts turned out, that Presley actually wore hers (she’s sometimes tricky with clothes & has never worn a maxi skirt before) & that Daddy had the day off to take pictures & run errands with us. And mostly that he captured this perfect picture of us in Target. Matching – all the things.
So, I’m off to buy more fabric & sew a million more. And to buy this shopping cart for Presley. #melting

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Nail Boredom

I’ve got some real talk for you today. Because it’s Monday and we all have to face the week ahead. I have never liked paying for pedicures. I mean, they feel great & my nails look exceptionally well – but I would rather spend $20-$30 on something that lasts more than a week and  a…

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The Love Dare : Week 3

Week 1 can be found HERE. Week 2 HERE. Welcome to Week 3 of the Blogger Love Dare! I’m so thankful that you are here & I really hope you are finding new blogs & inspirational ladies to follow, but also – that you are staying up on each of the daily dares & seeing…

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This week:

We have stayed in Pajamas and onesies all day. Eaten popcorn every single day. Had the TV on from morning until night. Eaten snacks and lots of sugar snap peas & cuddled for hours. I have a love/hate relationship with sickness. Of course, I hate seeing Presley with a horrid cough & snotty nose – but…

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2014 Pumpkin Patch –

Last year Presley wasn’t really big enough to enjoy anything Halloween related. Although we did dress up as characters from her favorite movie Finding Nemo which was a huge hit. So, this year I knew we HAD to go visit a Pumpkin Patch. I posted about it on a local Facebook group I am a…

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