• dino11

    Dinosaur World – Glen Rose, Texas

    We decided since we were in Dallas and Glen Rose was “only” just over an hour away we would make a day trip to Dinosaur World to explore. Presley has been…

  • sparkle6-3

    Exploring Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas

      Presley started Pre-School a few weeks ago, and with the long Labor Day weekend we decided to get out of town and drive a short 3 hours to spend a…

  • danimals5

    Enjoying Summer with Danimals

      I was chatting with a friend this last week and she asked how we are enjoying the new house and if I’ve found ways to decorate everything. I looked around…

  • google8

    Google Home – Perfect for EVERYTHING

    I am here today (tonight honestly) to tell you about our new Google Home Device! To say I am impressed would be an understatement! We are having so much fun with…

  • brick8

    Explore Oklahoma- Bricktown Canal (OKC)

    Happy Monday y’all! We FINALLY got partial access to our new house on Friday, so we made lots of trips in our personal cars to get all of our unpacked boxes…

  • goldfish5

    Back to School – With Goldfish®

    Excuse me while I grab my tissue box. I cannot believe Presley is going to be officially starting Pre-School in just a few short weeks. She is pretty positive she just…