As of lately.

Yesterday marked 1 week of me not working. It’s been a GLORIOUS week. I’m so thankful for the job that I have, and that it is allowing me to take some time off. Thankful for a husband that is picking up extra shifts so we don’t go completely broke. And so thankful for nap time, cuddle sessions, and long to do lists that are very slowly getting crossed off.
This week I have:
Purchased our .com for another 2 years! Woohoo!! Totally official right? I love blogging and am so thankful for all the support, love, emails, comments, and friendships I have made because of it. I am thankful you read, agree, disagree, love, hate, skim, or whatever it is you do – I love that you are here.
*hugs for everyone*

Chads heard from Dental Schools in:
Glendale, Arizona
Manhattan, New York
San Francisco, California
that means we have some BIG decisions to make. Exciting huh? It’s crazy to see the three completely different futures that our family could have. It’s kept me busy day dreaming. I can see a future in EACH place, and I see us happy in each place. It’s becoming a long Pro & Con list.
I put our Stroller together… We’ve still got to install the Carseat and it’s base – but thats a Chad and Tausha project. My patience level isn’t that great. Plus, it’s good that both of us know how to do it. Right?
 Isn’t this baby a beauty? Man I love it.


 I have had more than one cuddle session with this blanket cave digging gorgeous boy. He is so cozy, and loves to cuddle and make cute faces while he is sleeping so I’ve been having a hard time peeling my comfy self off of the couch. Plus, he tells me everytime, “Mom, this is your time to be relaxing”….and then I curl back up to cuddle.


I cleaned our entire bathroom {it’s small so not a HUGE accomplishment}. But, I did OCD clean it. Pulled EVERYTHING out. Bleached the tub, the toilet (and fell in love with a scouring stick). Cleaned the baseboards, wiped down every surface…baseboards, toilet, walls, etc. Then I cleaned under the sink – got rid of products we aren’t using. Cleaned out all my makeup bags, cleaned my brushes and wiped down all my makeup (why is there always one compact that breaks and destroys everything??)
We had a Birthing Prep class at the Hospital (that lasted all stinking day) and was a complete waste of time. Definitely was hoping to get more information, but didn’t. Oh well. 
I went to a Christmas work Party, I ate wayyyy to much and had to spend the rest of the day laying in bed moaning in pain. Bad, bad idea.


I packed Hospital Bags for me and Squishy girl. That was more of a hassle than anything, although I did enjoy putting together a ‘coming home’ outfit for Squishy girl. CRAZY to think we will be dressing her up in just a few weeks. EEK! I’ve got my bag packed with all the recommendations from everyone, and am so excited for when the time comes!

Pretty good week if you ask me!!

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    Janna Renee
    16 December 2012 at

    You definitely deserve the time off! Enjoy it 😉

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