The Best Day

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in several weeks. It’s been SO hard getting used to being an almost full time single mom. Chad is gone for school from 7am till 5pm. We get a few hours together as a family playing with Presley before bedtime & then Chad studies in his office for several hours every night. I understand he’s got to focus all of his time on his studies, but I miss him. Even though I get to spend time with him every day – it’s not husband and wife time like we used to have in the past. This was one of the things I was warned would happen when he started school – but sheesh its hard. It’s definitely made me SO appreciative of the little time we do get to spend together. SO, when Chad had a semi-relaxed Saturday, we took advantage of it. We started the day with a family walk to Walmart (3 blocks from us) to get whip cream for crepes. I LOVED this recipe.

Daddy studies for a little bit while I tidied up the house and Presley took a short nap. Then we showered and got ready and went to go be Daddies Caddies!! We were both a little worried as to how Presley would do out on the Golf Course for 4 hours – but she didn’t even whine ONCE. It was incredible. She even fell asleep in the middle of the the day in my arms, it was the craziest things. Presley has NEVER been a sleeper, so when she was playing around, and then just rolled her head over and feel asleep we were in awe. She was so much fun to play in the cart with & we gave Daddy some good luck.

On the way home we stopped and got IceCream at Culvers, put the girl to bed and then we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie. It was the PERFECT day and such a good attitude boost. I love my little family & am soooo proud of Chad and the commitment he has made to rocking the next 4 years of Dental School. It is going to be a LONG road, but we are taking it 1 week at a time. Happy Sunday – what did you do this week?
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