Tampons & Belly buttons

Presley made two big discoveries this past week. She found out that Mother Nature came back to visit Mommy which means lots of new presents under the sink. Of course, we’ve got the house pretty baby proofed & just put locks on the bathroom cabinets this week – but not before Presley got into my stash. At first she was just playing with it in the wrapper, then she managed to unwrap it, and pull it into pieces…..Crazy, crazy girl.

Presley also has discovered ‘belly buttons’! She thinks they are pretty hilarious & will lift up your shirt to point to your belly button! Gosh I love that this girl is getting big & learning so quickly!

 So. There’s your cuteness overload for the day. Some days I just can’t get enough of this girl. It’s fascinating to watch her learn & grow so much every day.  I am so thankful that I get to stay home with Presley everyday – although sometimes I wish I had an adult break, a shower & clothes other than poop covered yoga pants….I couldn’t imagine only seeing this girl before & after an 8 hour shift. I applaud all the Mothers who are mothers & who work full time. I literally can barely muster the energy to get through the day, & you guys are working & raising children all while providing for your families & teaching your children the importance of a good work ethic. My hats off to you.

I couldn’t do it.


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