February Weather, Sandy Beaches & Tiny swimsuits

I’m already nervous for the weather this Summer. 120′s everyday is a little frightening, but hopefully this summer will be easier on Presley & I because she can walk, and drink water & splash in the pool. We were pretty much trapped inside this last summer & that was exhausting. The best thing about Arizona the rest of the year is the amazing weather. We are in February and it has been sunny and beautiful every day – I absolutely love being in shorts & tshirts in January & February. And, as a friendly reminder – we love having people over & have an empty done up guest room that has your name on it. 
We’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine & Chad being on Spring Break and decided to visit some other Dental student friends at their apartment to swim in the pool. I literally could not get over how incredible this pool was & absolutely perfect for Presley. A sandy beach and knee deep water – it was perfect. She loved splashing in the water & eating handfuls of sand. Looks like we might be moving into an apartment once our lease is up on the rental house. 

Did you notice little momma had an outfit change? I always pack extra & extra. She always happens to ruin an outfit somehow. Thank goodness for swim diapers that hold in sandy poop. So, if you are in any other state that is currently covered in snow, I vote you hop in your car, or jump on a plane and come spend a week with us. We are pretty exciting, I swear. But, if that isn’t your cup of tea, just follow me on Instagram {@taushawierlo} and you can live vicariously through me.