14 Months – Stats

Happy MONDAY!!! I’m a little more than excited about the fact that today is Monday. Because it is the BACHELOR FINALE! You better believe I am counting down the hours until tonights episode. Who will it be??? Ohhhhh how I want it to be Nikki but I think mister Juan retarded Pablo will be picking Claire. At least she was in my original top 4 pick so I’m pretty sure I win a prize or something.
So, I’m off to countdown until I can plop my booty on the couch to watch this madness. Darn advocare diet doesn’t approve of my ice-cream & chocolate chips so I guess it’s me & water tonight. Lame.O.

Here’s a quick update on Miss P money.
She hit the big 14 months this last week! Crazy to me that she is getting so big, I flipping love it! Every day is one day closer to her talking & sleeping better & becoming my best friend. I cannot wait until pedicures & shopping & picnics & every single day with my buddy. I also cannot wait until her health issues are all sorted out – it is so hard to see her so uncomfortable all the time – I’m counting down until she can communicate & tell me what is bothering her. 
Size 3 Diapers. Size 12 month clothing.  She has 7 teeth. She is 29 inches tall. Just a few ounces short of 20 pounds. Takes a nightly allergy med. This month we had 2 pediatrician visits. 1 E.R. visit. She loves putting the caps on things, and 95% of the time she does it the right way. Loves dance parties with Mommy{we have them several times a day}. She puts herself to sleep at night. Up 1-2x a night. Takes 2 naps a day, the first for an hour, the second for 30 minutes. Still nursing! Loves throws with Daddy & especially loves being upside-down. If she could be outside & swing all day she would! She loves her Dexxy brother & he can instantly calm her down & cheer her up just by being around – he’s a lifesaver sometimes! She loves walks, reading books & when Daddy comes home.
Presley can make noises for Cow, Monkey, Dog & Kitty!
When you ask Presley where her eyes are, she will either point to them, or blink (we call it a wink) really hard. When you ask where her nose is, she sniffles. When you ask where her mouth is she says, “ma ma ma” & will sometimes smack her lips like a kiss. For her hands she waves & she points to her feet when you ask her where her feet are. We are working on these everyday & it is so stinking fun to start seeing her retain information.
Words she can say:
Ma ma – Usually for Mommy, or Mouth.
“Th” sound – No meaning yet, she just loves to play with her tongue & new top teeth
Doe – Not sure, she just started using this one during the last few days
A couple da’s – but she won’t give Da Da to daddy yet!
boe boe – Usually for bubbles
aaap uh – This one is reallllly funny, it sounds like she is saying ‘Apple” – and usually it’s when she is pointing towards an apple, plum, banana – fruit.
She is making lots of funny sounds & it is so fun watching her learn what sounds she can make. It seems like she is finally starting to catch & speak up a bit. I’m dying for her to get talking!
Presley refuses to wear bows & this really saddens me! These pictures were taken after bribing her with lots of chocolate chips “chocolate chippies”, I slid the bow on and immediately picked her up. As soon as anything touches her head, she goes nuts. It’s such a bummer because I want to put big bows on her every day!! She also refuses to wear shoes :( Same thing, distraction, bribery, nothing works. This week, we tried a sock/slipper – and after 20 minutes of being held she calmed down, but as soon as she stood on her own, complete meltdown. Yet I still keep buying shoes. Ay, ay ay.
Foods: Usually for breakfast we have loaded eggs, or french toast/waffles. She loves bacon (duh!). For lunch we will do leftovers & for dinner we have been grilling a lot. Presley loves anything veggies (pictures above are her eating a piece of an artichoke), she loves sugar snap peas, apples, chex mix, occasionally meat….but veggies are our go-to.

Ha, I love this crazy girl – even if she does give me a run for my money. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to the last 14 months of craziness & to the next forever with my lovey.

There you have it. Long post award. Thanks for being here & for reading & following along – but moreso – THANK YOU for the emails & the texts & the friendships, it truly makes my world go round.

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