JP, the perfect day & a BIG ad space giveaway

Was the season finale of the Bachelor last night sooooo depressing or what? I guess they can’t all ride off into the sunset engaged & madly in love. But sheesh, give us something! I was really excited for JP to be the Bachelor, but very quickly saw how awkward & intellectually challenged {language barrier my ass} he was. Yet, that gorgeous face kept me coming back every Monday night to see more. Oh love is so blind, so so so blind. The pessimist in my doubts JP & Nikki will stay together, but PROPS to them if they do & the whole ‘relationship hush-hush’ thing is real. I’m all for taking a relationship slow & not rushing into it.
Andi as the next Bachelorette? I’m ECSTATIC. She was originally in my top 4 picks for JP because I loved her. She is gorgeous, SMART & knows who she is as a person. I can’t wait to see the next season (alright, alright, and 25 guys fighting for her should be exciting too *drool*).

In other super excited news: Presley only took 1 nap both yesterday & today – and honestly I LOVE IT. It is so nice to not have to schedule the day around 2 naps. I hope we can keep her entertained & figured out on this new schedule because I’m thinking it is going to do wonders for our lack of social outings. Presley was in an incredibly good mood today, and I savored every single second of it. There are no words for how amazing it feels to have a happy baby.

And, I am taking part in this giveaway for a whole lotta ad space – such an easy way to network & get your name out….so bloggers, get to it!

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