HOWTO – A Sponsor Post from Designs by Emily

Meet one of my super talented Sponsors Emily, she is going to give a super easy how-to on how to create a blog post signature. These are SO fun to change up your blog posts & even add to emails. Have fun & make sure if you are in the market for a new design you contact her, she’s a doll to work with!

Hey everyone, I’m Emily and I blog over at Designs By Emily F (super creative, I know), I’m also a graphic designer and offer blog design services here! I basically blog about my life with some occasional DIYs, subscription box reviews and more. Today I’m going to help you all create a beautiful blog signature.
To create the signature, I am using Pixlr a free alternative to Photoshop. An awesome thing about Pixlr is you can use the fonts installed on your computer which allows you to use the same fonts on your blog already as long as you have it! 

When making the signature, it doesn’t need to be very big. The one I created was 300×150 and I wouldn’t go any bigger than that. To start off just click “Create new image” and then choose your size. In the tools bar, I started off with the type “A” and got the layout I wanted. I also put xoxo, & Taush in separate layers so I can move them separetely (you can use the arrows on your keyboard to move them around with this tool:

You can also match the color on your blog by opening an image through Pixlr. File > Open Image. Once your image is open, click on the eyedropper tool (circled to the left), then double click on the black square under the eyedropper, click on the color you want and copy the # section that is also circled on the image. Click ok and head back to your signature to change the color, select the text you want with the text tool and there is a color box in the pop-up. Then you just have to paste the letters & numbers into the hashtag section.
Once you have all the colors right you just have to save your image. Go to: File > Save and then name and change the quality to 100. To add the signature to every post go to Blogger > Settings > Posts & Comments > Post Template > Then paste this code into the section & save setting.
<center><img alt=”post signature” src=”IMAGE URL” /></center>

Whenever you create a new post your beautiful new signature will show up automatically! I really hope this post was helpful to you, if you have any questions let me know. If you want someones help to redo your blog design, I’m definitely your girl!

Thanks Emily! I’m going to pin this one, so I never forget!
 photo Untitledjpg_zpsb35a676c.jpg

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