A 5 minute – $15 Succulent Terranium (A perfect Toddler project!)

succulentterraniumOh goodness. I know I’m not the only one A-DDIC-TED to succulents. I swear, every time I walk through Home Depot I book it straight to the Garden section and just admire the rows and rows of them. For a black thumb extraordinaire like myself, succulents are the way to go. I’m pretty sure they are impossible to kill – so I look like a Housekeeper when guests come over and see all my green. Our Home Depot has them for $2.48 and I couldn’t help but grab two the last time we were exploring the isles like lost puppies trying to act like we knew what we were looking for (Wainscoting DIY coming TOMORROW).

Anyways. I’m always looking for little things that I can do with Presley’s ‘help’. She loves to feel part of my chores and is quick to help with dishes, laundry & vacuuming. She loves to be right by my side, so when I started seeing little terraniums on Pinterest – I knew we had to to make one. So, heres a quick messy project, a toddler will absolutely love to do. You can get so creative with these – I opted for simple – but you could definitely create an entire little world. Boys would love dinosaurs, cars, or an Army theme. Girls could do fairies, flower power or Disney princesses!

So here is the price breakdown & a pictorial tutorial. (Is that how you say it?)
I’m pretty sure this is foolproof. But I like to follow recipes & tutorials pretty close (I’ve got a history with screwing up all the things if I don’t. And usually if I do)….so this is exactly what I did….
Easy peasy.
Step 1. Add rock, this goes at the base – You could use any sort of pebble or rock. Ikea has these gorgeous bags of rock pebbles that are soft and rounded and a cheap $.88. I used the entire bag, saving a few for the top for decoration. But, to be extra cheap you could use sea shells from beach trips, rocks from the yard or exploring…

Step 2. Because of the moisture in terraniums, you need to add ‘Active Charcoal/Carbon’ – which you can buy in a small container, or for extra cheap – empty the inside of a fish filter. Activated Charcoal/Carbon helps with moisture and mold. They sell individually for $2.12 at Walmart. Easy. Probably don’t let your toddler do this part. I’m using my mommy spidey sense and guessing they shouldn’t be digested.

Step 3. For a succulent terranium, you need to use Cactus Potting Soil. I found a bag in the garden section at Walmart. I used maybe 1/8 of the bag. So, come steal it to make yours. Or I’ll be forced to fill my house with like 10 more of these. My husband might kill me. Actually Presley dumped about 1/4 bag on herself and the patio. So I’ll only be forced to make 5 more.

Step 4. Add succulents/decor – scoot around the soil to bury the roots. I gently separated my succulents into smaller portions so they would fit and look better in my fish bowl.
– I found reindeer moss & moss pebbles at the Dollar Tree but decided against using them – I felt like the rock pebbles & the little fairy bench we found for 70% off at Joanns was enough. But check the Dollar Tree, the 99c store & the Target Dollar section for fun little accessories to use. The bigger the jar, the more you can add!
Then, just use a spray bottle and dampen the succulents and soil once weekly.

What do you think? Easy right?
What theme would you make in your little terrarium world? I’m off to make my other 5 and need more ideas.

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    Meg O.
    7 July 2014 at

    Oh how adorable! That’s awesome that Presley got so into it, too. It turned out precious!

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    7 July 2014 at

    So cute! I love this :) I need to do this for my house I think!

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    7 July 2014 at

    So fun! And easy (I think I could even handle this :)!

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