Our first Phoenix Zoo trip

We decided that since Presley girl loves animals so much it was worth it for us to purchase a Phoenix Zoo pass so that we could visit the zoo as many times for the next year as we want. The Phoenix zoo is only 45 minutes from us & they have a petting zoo, tons of ground to cover & several splash pads to help keep cool in this crazy Arizona weather. We made a quick trip this last week to check it out & of course, Presley loved running all over & was making all her animal sounds. I definitely think Zoo trips will be a weekly occurrence –
Knowing Presley, the first thing we did when we got inside was head straight for the Petting Zoo. It still boggles my mind how much this girl is fearless around animals – I love that she is so brave in this element and absolutely loves being surrounded by Goats. I on the other hand, did not like being surrounded by them. Especially when one of them peed for a solid 3 minutes straight. Ick.
I’m pretty sure a goat is still on Presley’s Christmas Wish-List. Girl loves her goats. Presley enjoyed exploring, but definitely loved splashing around at a splash pad that was open. She is getting braver and braver around the water & I love it (it’s completely necessary during 110+ degree Summers!)
IMG_1954IMG_1968zoo3IMG_2002zoo4IMG_2044IMG_2026On the way out we stopped and walked through a Presley size tree-house. It solidified my wish for a cabin – I love all the wood & naturalistic feel of little cabins. I think that will be my present when Chad graduates Dental School. A cabin.
IMG_2050zoo5zoo6It was a great trip – unfortunately when we arrived at noon, we found out the Zoo is open from 7am – 2pm in the summer (dang heat!) so it was a pretty short trip. But now that we know, I think we will be having some early morning car trips to surprise Presley with a morning at the Zoo.

Whats your FAVORITE Zoo animal? I lovelovelove giraffes!


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    I only got to go once when we lived in AZ, but that really is a fantastic zoo! So jealous you guys get to go all the time…our current location is hours from any zoo. I guess I’ll be blog stalking for pictures….

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    You can feed the giraffes if you get there early enough! We did that last summer and Abigail absolutely loved it.

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    how fun that you can make it a weekly thing! We’re taking Kenz to the Sacramento zoo this Monday..never been- found a groupon so we’ll see.. But i can’t wait to see what she thinks! Ps.. the Rachel above keeps confusing me.. like oh I already commented?

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