The Love Dare – Week 1 (Days 1-7)

BLOGGERWEEK1Alright guys! We officially start the Love Dare TOMORROW! Each day you can find a new blog & another perspective on love, marriage & life. I PROMISE if you do the Dare every single day – your marriage (and YOU) can change. It’s really beautiful. It’s hard, it’s long – but it’s worth it. Print out the following Dare or take a screenshot or check instagram daily for the Dare & share what you are doing (I’m sure you are way more creative than some of us are!!) Make sure to use the hashtag #bloggerlovedare to share how you are changing your marriage! Feel free to reach out to ANY of us with questions or comments or feedback – we are all more than willing to help.

Here is this weeks lineup:

Day 1: Love is Patient
Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // PinterestLD1

 Day 2: Love is Kind
NAYBlog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

Day 3: Love is Not Selfish
LEANNEBlog // Facebook // Twitter// Instagram // Pinterest

Day 4: Love is Thoughtful
meganBlog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

Day 5: Love is Not Rude
KARABlog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest
Day 6: Love is Not Irritable
shellyBlog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

Day 7: Love believes the Best
kateBlog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

Aren’t all the printables adorable? And they were created just for you! Feel free to share them, tag them and use them throughout the week. PLEASE give credit where credit is due. If you are sharing on instagram, PLEASE use the proper hashtag (#bloggerlovedare) so that the creators can tag themselves. Lets all the spread the love not only to our marriages, but to each other. XOXO


  1. […] Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 The amazing thing about this challenge & it being available is that you can print & crop & keep it forever. If you get behind (I’m raising my hand) you can pick back up whenever you are ready. Obviously, the challenge is meant to be done for 40 straight days – but well, (queue excuses) life happens. So, here is the upcoming weeks challenges. Keep them, bookmark them, whatever you need to do to be able to do the challenge when YOU are ready. If you have kept up to date with us, BOOYAH to you. It’s HARD & I am so so so proud of you. […]

  2. […] Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 // Week 5 ALRIGHT! It’s the final week of dares! I’m so excited to be done because I want to hear how all of you have done! I’ve loved receiving the emails and texts about how it’s going – thank you for sharing your stories & even advice with me. I love it all so much! Here we go: […]

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