Laundry Room Update

I am so giddy to show you this project today! If you follow me on Instagram – I’ve already shared lots of pictures but I did promise to post the details here since I did this project for free. I’ve had this project on my To-Do list for months, so I finally decided to just build up some courage to do it. My brother bought me a Silhouette Cameo for my Birthday/Christmas last year & I’ve been so nervous to play around with it (don’t ask me why) – so I finally read up on Tutorials, and watched hours of YouTube videos and braved it. It ended up taking me about 8 hours (of course that was during several naps, after bedtime and when Presley was happy and wanted to help). Because of the size, I had to do it in LOTS of pieces (thus the extra nervousness of this project), but I think it turned out great.

Alright, so here is the first before and after shot of the Laundry room. Can you even believe it? We completely redid it for less than $50! I don’t mind doing laundry – so I love having such a beautiful place to do it in. It is so soft and beautiful and peaceful for a laundry room. Plus, as renters we stayed in a very strict budget so it’s a win for everyone.
LAUNDRYROOMI absolutely lovelovelove the darkness the stained pallet creates in the otherwise bright laundry room. (This is just a pallet ripped apart and then nailed back together with no spacing!) but I found this perfect quote on Pinterest and knew I had to add it to the pallet!

IMG_0067I started by creating a basic shape in which I wanted the quote to be. I just eyed where I thought I wanted it & then made sure it was equal horizontally.
IMG_0222After I knew I liked my sizing, I started with the word I wanted the largest & created that in the silhouette studio on my Mac. Because the silhouette only cuts 12” – I had to cut the word in half & thankfully it turned out perfectly. Then I kept adding words to it one at a time. (Fonts fond from Laurens amazing mashup HERE.)

IMG_0227I made several different sizes of the smaller words, because I knew I wanted to have a little bit of variation. I played with the location of each of the words & figured out what I liked best & then took a picture and removed them all. Then started one by one adding them to the pallet.
IMG_0263Okay, so I went very, very slow with this project. It was my first big silhouette project & I didn’t want to mess it up – so I did one word at a time. It took 3 coats of white to be dark enough…..and, the kicker: 
IMG_0256IMG_0264EVERY SINGLE LETTER BLED. Every single one. The pallet, even though it was thoroughly sanded – was so uneven that there was no way the vinyl would stick down enough for the paint to not go through.
IMG_0266Now, you can see why the project took me sooooooo long. After the white was done, I had to go back with a tiny little brush and hand touch up with brown to make it not look all crazy. Such a time suck!!! The brown I had on hand, matched well enough that you cannot see it unless you look realllllly close.
IMG_0257My little helper really wanted to help me paint, but she was very good about only touching dry letters and doing letters on her Elmo alphabet game while I painted. 
IMG_0267Ultimately – It turned out great & I absolutely love it. I am so happy with how it turned out & am already dreaming up all the other projects I can do. I just need to find out how to make it not soon time consuming playing clean up!

Price Breakdown: – Y’all. This was completely FREE for me.

PALLETS: We (Chad) found the pallets for this project and our Queen Size headboard at Home Depot & Walmart. They were free from behind the stores. (Make sure you ask the store before you take them – they usually don’t mind, but don’t risk it!)
NAILS: Reused from pulling the pallets apart
STAIN: I had this on hand (stain lasts for.ever.) A little goes a very long way. The little tins are around $7-10 at Lowes/Home Depot
VINYL: Received for free in a blogger swap bag.
PAINT: Old & onhand. The brown was purchased years ago from Michaels & the white was purchased from Walmart for around $3

Not bad huh?
If you totally wanna pin this. You can.


    • I wish you could have seen my face when I saw your post. My eyes got HUGE and my jaw dropped. I was like, ‘thats what I’ve been waiting MONTHS for!!”. THANK YOU!! xoxo


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