The Complete Entryway….

Finally finished with this project that started months ago. Of course, I haven’t accomplished much more Spring Cleaning – but I just have given up with any sort of time frame & realize it will happen when it happens. I’d much rather be making memories and having adventures with Presley – than having her sit in front of the tv so I can clean under the fridge. I just call that priorities (and that we are just renting the house)

Before Daddy left for school this last week (Presleys been waking between 6 & 630) we decided to do some handprint art on a canvas instead of a quote I was originally planning on doing. I wasn’t so sure how Presley would like it, because she hates any craft that is super organized & definitely hates when anything gets on her hands – but surprisingly she loved it & we got it perfect the first try!

Presley picked out the colors because Daddies and Presley’s favorite color is ‘Bue’, Mommy is ‘Pink’ and Dexter’s is ‘brown’ (but I picked out purple for him!)
IMG_2766IMG_2768I’m so happy with how it turned out & the soft childlike touch the handprints add. On to the next project on the list! Have you finished Spring Cleaning & feel refreshed and ready for summer?


  1. Lisa H

    I love it! And we have discovered the secret to spring cleaning/keeping it clean. Throw all your crap in boxes. Now my house is always clean…too bad i’m too bored because all my crafting stuff is in storage.

  2. What a cool idea. It looks absolutely great! I will surely have this little project when I have a family of my own. Thank you for sharing!

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