Moms deserve a #feelgooder moment too…..



As stay at home moms, we have the responsibility to juggle lots of hats that include: teacher, chauffeur, chef, nurse, caregiver, maid, nurturer, dog trainer, professional cuddler. Booger picker, vomit wiper & late night entertainer.  On top of being a Mother, contributing and trying to manage a blog, or Etsy shop can leave you exhausted & not as spoiled as you should be. I’ve learned that it’s absolutely vital to find small things that make ME happy & give ME a break. With Chad in school full time, my opportunities to sneak away are slim, so I get these small little precious moments while Presley is napping or with her television babysitter and I get my snack on. I’m definitely an eater – so when I snack good, I feel good.
zone1These Simply Zone Perfect are the perfect quick, on the go snack (aka required as a Mother) and are not only delicious but they are high in protein, have 200 calories or less, and they are gluten-free! Seriously, they’re the perfect blend of simple, wholesome ingredients in one tasty, on the go, feel-good treat. Because snacking should always be simple, even when your life isn’t.
zone2Finding the perfect #FeelGooder moment can be as simple as reality television & a snack, or a walk around the park, a pedicure, thrifting, craft nights, girls outings. Treating and spoiling YOURSELF is one of the easiest ways to stay sane as a busy parent. Which is vital if you want to be a present, sane, level-headed parent. zone3zone4

What are your #FeelGooder moments? Get some ideas by finding @ZonePerfect and searching the hashtag #FeelGooder on social media!


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**Today’s post is sponsored by ZonePerfect, but my love for their Perfectly Simple nutrition bars is an opinion all my own!**

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