Presleys first snow was a win!

It drizzled a little snow on Christmas morning, but nothing really stuck – so Presley saw snow; but didn’t get to play in it. We decided to drive 45 minutes to snoqulame to play & got the girl all bundled up for a morning in the snow. She loved it right away & never once complained about being cold the entire time we were there. She loved picking up the chunks of snow & yelling “snowball fight!” She loved riding the sled down a little slope with Uncle Richard and Chad. She did the slope a ton of times & then we walked around & explored the mountain a little bit. Presley had a blast and didn’t want to leave, but it was hours past her normal nap time – so we loaded her up & then she fell asleep right away. It was so much fun seeing her so happy & not afraid of going so fast down the slope. 
IMG_0978IMG_1259IMG_1163IMG_1180IMG_1235IMG_1219IMG_1141IMG_1206IMG_1211IMG_1229IMG_1334We are dying to take Presley to the snow again & Chad is anxious to get her on his snowboard. We are hoping to drive up to Flagstaff one of these weekends to play. EEEK!!

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