Summer Car Care with FRAM (plus a checklist)

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Fram1I am here today to show you some quick and easy things you can do to keep your car up on maintenance and also to give you a Summer Car Care checklist to get your car ready for all those Summer adventures you have coming up! Before I was married, I grudgingly took my car to a Dealership and paid hundreds of dollars every few months on maintenance. After 10 years with Chad – I’ve slowly learned a lot about cars and easy ways to save money on maintenance and how to keep the car in good shape. I work really hard to keep the car Presley and I drive in good shape – no old fruit or cheerio crumbs lurking around for months. I clean our car weekly to make sure it stays in good condition!

fram3Usually, every 10,000 miles, I change the air filter (always follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual) even though the average change specification is 12,000 miles. By changing the air filter you are improving the overall efficiency of your car. This is one of the very easy, simple things you can do to save around $60. At the dealership the cost for an Air Filter change is around $80. You can stop by your local Walmart and purchase a FRAM Filter that works with your car for around $20.
fram4You simply bring that Air Filter home. If it’s the first time you’ve worked with your car, find your car’s instruction manual (usually in the glove box) and find the picture guide on where to find the air filter. It is as simple as opening the right spot and switching the filter out. Our car has 4 little latches that you open with your hands and then the filter just slips out and can easily be replaced. This seriously takes approximately 3 minutes – start to finish. It is THAT easy. Can you guess which of these was in the car for 3 months? YUCK. You should have seen all the stuff stuck inside all those slats.
fram5I leave the rest of the car maintenance up to my husband, or a paid mechanic if he just can’t do it. The air filter is the one simple thing I personally do to keep our car running safely and smoothly. After all, it is the engine’s first line of defense. Once that is taken care of you can work on the aesthetics of the car. I put together this checklist for the things you should go out and do on your car this weekend! It won’t take long, plus it will make your car feel, look, and smell beautiful.

summercarcare-2Not too bad right? I love our corner car wash. It’s only $3 and they have a free vacuum. I run it through the car wash, give it a quick vacuum and then bring it home for detailing. I start off with washing the windows and then vacuum the floor and seats with our shopvac and then wipe down the doors, handles, steering wheel, dashboard and radio knobs. Then, I use our top-secret scent secret. We learned this at a dealership after begging them for the secret!


I stock the car once a week with tissue, essential oils, snacks for Presley and a few emergency outfits. Since I plan our week of adventures in advance, I try to pack extra things we might end up needing in the trunk. I know, sounds a little crazy but it works for us. I love being prepared so this helps with my stress levels during the week because I know we are prepared for everything.

Now, you are ready to get out there and have some adventures. Don’t forget to save yourself money on an Air Filter and shop FRAM.
What are YOUR adventures planned for this summer?


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    Wow, I applaud you for not leaving food around for months! I’m guilty of that with my 3 boys! LOL. The filter looks really easy to install. I usually take our vehicles to the dealership for everything, but it’s good to know this is one thing I can do on my own! #client

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