Explore Arizona – Camping at the Mogollon Rim

mog9Oh man, we just got back from an overnight camping adventure and I figured since Presley is asleep I would just sit down & write about it right now. We decided it would be a perfect week with Chad off of school and the temps just over a hundred in Phoenix that we escape to cooler weather in the Payson area. We’ve been wanting to do a fun new hike but decided that we would camp for free at the Mogollon Rim and head over in the morning. A quick little monsoon swept through while we were on our way to the campsite – but it swept right over by the time we arrived to pick a spot. The weather scared everybody off and we got to pick almost whatever spot we wanted. We found one right on the rim with a perfect view of the entire rim, a picnic table and a perfect flat area for our tent. The trees were perfect for our hammock & there was tons of space for Presley to explore and run around.

Gorgeous, free & that sunset & sunrise were incredible. Next time I’ll remember to take more pictures. Remember, adventure is out there.

Tent // Hammock // Straps // Foldable Table


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