Explore Arizona – Ellison Creek (the Water Wheel) Payson

ell11Happy Monday everyone! Anyone counting down the hours until Bachelor in Paradise? It is totally my guilty pleasure. It’s the perfect mix of drama, tears, love & ‘is this real life‘ to keep me entertained for 2 hours. Did you catch the amazing views we had while camping at the Mogollon Rim I posted about on Friday? I figured since I actually posted so quick I might as well finish up and share some pictures from the hike we did. Last year, I stumbled across this post about AZ Swimming Holes & have since then made it a personal goal to visit all of them before we move from Arizona next year. I can’t believe we are at the year countdown already! It seems like we were just moving here in the middle of the Summer wondering why the heck we agreed to 100+ degrees & now I’m savoring everyday never wanting to leave this amazing state. Payson has proved to be one of my favorite spots to explore: The Verde Hot Springs & Tonto Natural Bridge are just a few of the places around Payson we’ve been able to check out. Payson is about 2.5 hours NorthEast of us & the weather is about 20-30 degrees cooler than the Phoenix area.
ell1Oh Presley our adventure girl. This amazing little human just turns into a different person as soon as we are out in the wilderness, it IS her happy place. She cries every ride home & begs us to turn around for more camping & hiking. She loves hiking & usually does most of the hike all by herself. Ellison Creek is about a 1.5 RT hike with only a few areas that require a little climbing. I would definitely recommend wearing really good water/hiking shoes as you have to/get to cross the water a few times & the rocks are very slippery.
ell2Oh, and beware for snakes! This is actually only the second snake I have seen during all of our hikes & it was huge. We are guessing about 6 feet in total length. We all just kind of froze and waited for it to slither away. Ick ick ick. I got a picture of it’s full length but it was horrible quality probably because I was shaking like a crazy person.
ell3As soon as we started the hike to the waterfall, Presley found a ‘tree star’ that reminded her of Land Before Time & seriously carried that thing the entire way & it even made it home with us. She refused to take any pictures without it & kept dipping it in water so it stayed wet & beautiful. (It has since been hidden in the garbage as it was cracking and curling up – nobody tell her!)
ell7“Adventure is out there!” Our favorite quote from the movie UP. Presley proudly proclaims it usually a million times while we are hiking/camping or out on some adventure.
ell4I put on my big girl panties & actually climbed to the top of the falls and inched my way down the ladder. Then had to figure out how to friggin swim (doggy paddle) to the shore. Guys, I don’t swim. I terrified of water – but I survived. I won’t share any pictures that show me swimming for my life; embarrassing.

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Thanks for stopping by today, have a great week! XO


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