Presleys favorite new (take anywhere) iPad App

Since we do a lot of traveling to and from our adventures we have a lot of car time. Most times we are away from service & Presleys iPad doesn’t have wifi so we rely on having apps and movies loaded on her iPad to help keep her busy if she gets sick of being in the car. We were recently asked to review a new KidloLand app & it has quickly become our daily favorite! You can find out more about the app here.

Anybody else have a Toddler who is obsessed with Youtube and the egg/blind bag videos? Presley could seriously stay on that thing all day long & while she seems to have learned some silly things from it; I’d much rather her be playing games & watching educational videos. Now when Presley has screen time (after we practice letters, get back from chores, or I just need a few minutes to do some chores) she has been playing the KidloLand app. IMG_7634
IMG_7635There are so many different options inside of the app (most available as additional purchases)
Nursery Rhymes (1-10)
Nursery Rhymes (11-20)
ABCD Songs
Old Macdonalds Songs
Animal Kingdom
Fruits & Vegetables
Row your Boat
Numbers 1-100
Colors & Shapes
Months & Days
Christmas Songs
IMG_7637Inside each of those categories are additional sections broken down and full of new colors, education, songs, and helpful ways to encourage toddler learning. Presley has been able to practice her letters, get help counting & has so much fun with the Dinosaur section. 
IMG_7638So, if you are in need of an educational app that you can take ANYWHERE regardless of service I definitely recommend checking out the KidloLand app here. We found our case on amazon (aff) here.
*Please note I received this app (and a subscription) for free in exchange for this post and my unbiased review*

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