Explore Arizona – Inner Basin (Flagstaff)

ib2This last week I was at a Lularoe Pop-Up with my friend Courtney (her Facebook LLR page here) and one of my good friends also showed up. We got to talking & I found out that she was planning on taking her family up to Flagstaff for some photos & being that we had an open weekend quickly volunteered to take their pictures so we could camp together! Of course the hubbies were on board and after loading up the cars, planning a bunch of meals and outfits we met 2.5 hours North of our homes in Flagstaff. The Inner Basin trail is a medium length hike, but we only hiked about 1/2 mile up to this amazing clearing to take family pictures. I’ll be sharing ours later this week – it was seriously breathtaking the entire time. I almost tripped 84 times because I was so busy taking pictures of all the beautiful trees. Being that we have lived in Phoenix for the last 3 years we are used to the neutral colors and browns, so being in a field of bright yellow leaves was incredible. The wind would blow and we would just frolic around in yellow falling leaves. 
ib10After hiking we found a spot to camp, all the paid spots were taken so we took a back road and found a spot perfect for both the tents. I forgot to snap a picture of our full set up but our neighbors tent was HUGE (they have 3 kids) and it looked like we both brought half our homes with us! On the way out to camp, Chad surprised me with a trip to the store to get a new tent! I’ve had my eye on this one for months and seriously jumped out of the car while it was still moving so he wouldn’t change his mind! It is HUGE for us and I couldn’t get over how much extra room we had inside! The little joys of camping seriously make my day!
ib14So, if you are free this weekend I definitely recommend heading to Flagstaff for some family pictures, or just to enjoy the beautiful views. 
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Adventure is out there! 


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