Halloween – Family Costumes & Trick or Treating

So excited to share with you pictures from our family costumes this year! I hope Presley is content sticking with a family theme forever because I absolutely love it. It is so much fun to see her so stinking happy. Halloween is definitely her favorite Holiday.
As a reminder, here are the past years looks:
2013 – Finding Nemo: The Dentist, Darla and Nemo

2014: Frozen: Kristoff, Elsa & Anna
20142015: Tangled: Flynn Ryder, Mother Gothel and Rapunzel (Dex was Pasquel the chameleon)

2016: The Little Mermaid: Ursula, Little Mermaid & Prince Eric  (Dex was Sebastian the crab/lobster)

I had a rough time with this years costume. Literally the entire week before Halloween I was fine with not dressing up. My sewing machine broke and it was taking me about 2 hours to finish a tentacle on my costume so I told Chad I just wasn’t feeling it. Then Halloween morning Presley jumped out of bed and said she was so excited to see us all dressed up and Trick or Treating & I just toughed it up and half ass finished my costume.
Check out this crazy price breakdown thanks to Goodwill!

Presley: Total $2.50 at Goodwill and $2 at Walmart for hair color
Mermaid costume was purchased last year at Halloween on for $2.50
She wore cozy shoes, a starfish clip from my wedding day and we colored her hair with some red spray

Chad: Total $2.00 and $2 at Walmart for hair color
Red Sash: Goodwill $1
Shoes: Goodwill $1
His pants and shirt were normal stuff he had on hand and then we just sprayed his hair with black color

Me: Total $3.00 Goodwill and $6 Walmart for Tulle and Hair color
Black Dress: $1.50 Goodwill on a Thursday special
Purple dress: $1.50 Goodwill on a Thursday special
Tulle and hair color purchased at Walmart and then I took approximately a million hours to hand stitch, hot glue & hand paint on tentacles. I cut the purple dress in half to act as the bottom portion. I had some big plans for this but had to change things when my sewing machine broke! 
halloween8Since Halloween was on Monday night this year, we didn’t stay out too late but managed to get in a solid hour of Trick or Treating with our Dental School family in a fancy neighborhood that was completely decked out for Halloween!
Now, to think of what we will be for next year, our thoughts are Nightmare Before Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by! If you did a costume recap, leave the link – I’d love to check it out!

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