2016 Book Challenge

Books1-2Alright guys! I am here to tell you about my 2016 Book Challenge. Two years ago there was a book challenge on Instagram with prompts that helped encourage me to pick back up my love of reading. I read 35 books and loved every minute of it. I discovered my favorite Author Colleen Hoover & even had the chance to meet her this last year. Plus, I read some good self help books that help set me up for a successful year. Because I had so much fun I decided I would increase my count and just read anything I wanted instead of following certain prompts (that was hard!). So in 2016 I read 52 books and it barely happened! I read 30 by June & then totally got busy with life & other things – and forgot about the challenge. I picked back up in November and had to race like crazy to finish. I ended up reading some shorter books & trashy novels (I can get through those things in a day! #Noshame). Not one of my proudest moments, but I hope to stay on top of the challenge better this year. I set my goal to read 52 books again, but hopefully some longer, more fulfilling books.

So, here is my 2016 Reading Challenge at a Glance:

2016booksbigI shared my tips for finding books last year, but I’ll share it again now. This is my fool-proof method for reading & keeping book cost down. After reading The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up – I have dramatically downsized the amount of books I keep in the house. Unless I LOVE it, I don’t want it taking up space in my home.

Where to find books to read & how to get them?
*Goodreads. Holy guacamole. Follow me here. You can search for books, follow friends & see what they are reading. Make goal lists & comment & like what others are reading. It’s like Facebook but for nerds.
*Amazon – Great place to find books to purchase, borrow, or to put on your kindle (kindle app is available on your phone for free).
* Tuebl.com – My sweet blog friend Renee introduced me to this site & I check here first before purchasing online. You download books for FREE to iBooks right to your phone.
* Local online library – Presley and I visit our local library on a weekly basis for story time or to just read books or play games so we have a library card. At the library, I found a flyer for downloaded books from the online library for free. You can borrow the books to your kindle app for 2 weeks before needing to virtually return them. Check out your library to see if you can do something similar! This is such an easy way to read books, the only downside is that sometimes you have to wait in line for books to be available!
My 2016 – Top FIVE Books: (Please note, these are affiliate links)
1. A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman
2. Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriary
3. Two Kisses for Maddy – Matthew Longelin
4. Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng
5. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

Thanks for stopping by today! What’s on your ‘To Be Read’ list?

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