5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at the Anaheim Country Inn & Suites (Disneyland)

anaheim poolHappy Monday guys! I have a treat for you today! I am so excited to be here with a giveaway to this amazing hotel in Anaheim for your next Disney trip; but FIRST – Lets talk about 5 reasons WHY you should be staying here.

1. Disneyland parking is expensive (like $18 a day) and I for one, despise paying for parking. Nearby hotels have a shuttle option available for around $5 roundtrip per person & the 3 times we went last year we’ve found a hotel close enough to just walk to save ourselves the money. I mean, by saving that money we can ‘splurge’ on a Dole-Whip, starbucks or a delicious churro instead of just throwing that money away for parking. The Anaheim Country Inn & Suites is only half a mile away! That is just a ten minute walk to the park and parking at the hotel is completely free for guests! Perfect!!  
After a long night at the park, you can stop in at the on-site bar while being safely just steps from your room. What adult doesn’t want a drink after carting the kids around the park for 12+ hours straight? I’m thinking an ice cold margarita after a warm shower in my pajamas sounds like heaven after a day at Disney.
3. One of the easiest ways to save money at Disneyland is on Food! Food at the parks is extremely expensive – and extremely delicious – so one of the ways we save money is by making sure we choose a Hotel with a breakfast option. The Country Inn & Suites offers a delicious complimentary breakfast! We also try to bring enough snacks & a lunch with us so that we only have to purchase a dinner at the parks, or across the street on Restaurant Row.

4. The rooms!! I mean, check this baby out! A big tv, amazing desk, gorgeous seating & a cozy bed. Nothing is better than coming home from a long day at the parks to just shower, relax, watch a movie & pass out while you get ready for the next day of adventures.

5. All the extras: Free on-site laundry, a heated pool & hot tub, PLUS childrens activities and babysitting referrals. So parents can escape to go ride the fun rides while the littles one sneak in a nap, or some playtime. After a day of taking turns on the teacups and Peter Pan it definitely would be nice to sneak away to ride the Matterhorn Bobsleds or Splash Mountain.

I bet I could think of more, but I won’t keep you waiting any longer! Now, it’s your chance to head to Disney with a free night from the Anaheim Country Inn & Suites. All you have to do is comment on this post & let me know when you plan to head to Disneyland! 

(One person will be winning a one night stay at the new Anaheim Country Inn & Suites. Voucher will be emailed in February. Giveaway is open until January 31, 2017. One entry per person)


  1. Leanne Redding

    The girls have been begging to go and I was thinking summer would be PERFECT!

  2. Taylor Thurgood

    My kids have been begging to go. I think we would try to go in the fall so we can see the Halloween decorations and it won’t be so hot.

  3. LeAnne Jacobs

    You do the coolest things! We’re planing a Disney trip soon! The hotel looks beatuiful!

  4. Allison Dockstader

    This hotel looks gorgeous! I am definitely going to stay there for my Disneyland vacations now!

  5. We preferred to go off-season so fall would be great. We would like to go in November to enjoy the Christmas decorations- and avoid the December crowds!

  6. Anna Peck

    My family is finally all in the same country so we want to spend some time in Disneyland! It would be great to have a one night stay I could give to my parents in appreciation for all they do.

  7. Ann Mazzaferro

    I’m actually hoping to go down to Disneyland in March! I turn 31 at the end of the month, and I haven’t celebrated my birthday in Disneyland since I was a wee kid – maybe four years old? I’m thinking this would be a perfect way to ring in the next trip around the sun!

  8. Desseree Lysne

    Sounds like a great place!! I think my family and I should be entered because I have been working so hard for he past 4 years and being in dental school, our family has not been able to afford a family vacation together. I would be such a big surprise for Paul, Savannah, and I to be able to afford to go on a vacation together before I start working full time as a dentist.

  9. Ma'ila Tamblyn

    We’re already planning a Trip to SoCal in August this year, but I’d get in my car and drive to Disneyland in a heartbeat if I had an excuse this good. This hotel looks beautiful!

  10. Mary Dawson

    We are going to Disneyland February 28-March 4. We would be ecstatic to win, especially because there’s nothing cheap about going to Disneyland.

  11. Megan Harley

    We plan to go for Emersens birthday. Even though her birthday is in July we want to aim for the spring like may so it’s not too hot!

  12. Brenda Forsman

    We are booked at this hotel and can’t wait to try it. It has been a while since we have been to Disney and can’t wait to go

  13. We’re going as a big family trip in September but you know me, I’ll go anytime I can get there! I’m hoping maybe Andrew and I can escape there again this year for our anniversary in December hahaha

  14. Jeff Forrest

    I’d love to bring my wife here for a surprise anniversary trip. We would have a blast!!

  15. Karla Potter

    Hey girl!!!

    Our hope is to go this spring!!! We are having major DL withdrawls!!!!!!!!

  16. Sydney

    I’ve only been to Disneyland once several years ago and cried literal tears of joy during the fireworks show. I’ve been waiting to go back, I think about it constantly and would love to make a trip for my birthday in July! (I’m sure my 9 year old would love it, too)

  17. Leigh Borders

    I would LOVE to take my family there within the next year. I believe it is important for families to visit at least once to create lifelong memories.

  18. Amy

    My Husband has a friend in CA & my daughter would be totally stoked to go to Disneyland! A spring break vacation for sure 😉

  19. Daniel Redding

    Oh boy do we need a break, lol. This would be great for us to have an affordable vacation.

  20. Laura Ede

    We’re planning a trip in May. Oliver is finally 40 inches and can’t wait to go on all of the roller coasters!

  21. Lydia Stafford

    We have been talking about going in the off-season (maybe November) of this year. I need my Space Mountain and Splash Mountain fix!

  22. Seriously so fun! We have never been to Disneyland but I know my girl would so love it!! We would probably go in may when we have a school break!

  23. Janet Kruppner

    Camille is currently saving her coins she earns each morning for sleeping in her own bed all night for our first trip to Disneyland! This place looke awesome

  24. Angela

    I miss Disney!!! I wish the price wasn’t so much for my family of 6, but if we were to be able to stay, maybe we’d make it work.

  25. Catherine Castelli

    Because I love you and Disneyland!!! Looks like a great stay, we are going back in July!

  26. Dana Smith

    Ahhh! We had to postpone our Disneyland trip this month until May, because my parents unexpectedly moved from Southern California, and we couldn’t afford a hotel!

    My parents always lived close enough for us to never have to get a hotel, so I’m a total rookie when it comes to hotels by Disney! Love love love this!

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