Explore Arizona – Camelback Mountain (Scottsdale)

camelback2I think Camelback Mountain is technically in ‘Phoenix’ but I’m pretty sure it’s a Scottsdale hike. It is rated as Difficult and it definitely earns its rating. It has a huge elevation gain, rocks to climb up, drop offs and there is no shade so it’s bloody hot regardless of when you do it. It’s 3 miles roundtrip but feels like a billion and your legs will be so stinking sore the next few days. But with the view at the top, it’s pretty dang worth it.
FullSizeRenderThe Cholla trailhead is on a private-ish driveway area that has tons of No-Parking signs and the parking spots there fill up super fast. Both times we have gone to hike it has required about 1/2 mile trek to the trailhead.
This was, by far, one of the hardest hikes (to me personally) that we have done here in Arizona. It wasn’t the longest but for some reason it’s just hard. I don’t like the drop offs (especially with Presley bouncing around the entire time) and climbing up slippery rocks isn’t my forte either. We attempted this hike last year and only made it halfway before I finally gave in and turned around. I was determined to make it the whole way this time so even at the halfway point when I was wiped and wanted to turn around kept pushing forward. I took more than enough water breaks & baam. Made it. Take that camelback!
Here is to one of the last hikes in Arizona we were lucky enough to make it through!! We’ve still got a few more to cross off our list before we move to Oklahoma!

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