KickStarter – The Dunky Cup

Hey loves! Stopping by to share with you an amazing KickStarter find. New to KickStarter? It is an amazing platform for artists, entrepreneurs, creators and designers that helps make dreams reality. Individuals share their ideas & people purchase/donate money so that the dream/item can become real. It is an all or nothing experience. I absolutely love working with Kickstarter companies because all they need is word of mouth and bloggers have the amazing opportunity to help them do that! I love testing out products (like the sticky case I still use TO THIS VERY DAY & I am still very close with Jeff) and learning more about the creators & the amazing ideas they have.

Today, I want to share with you a fun creation from Jim & I’ve got to tell you, this one is for the kids!! Isn’t everything for them anyway? She is obsessed and you’ll see why! The Dunky Cup is the perfect cookie cup for ANY cookie lover, I mean – check this out!
IMG_4850happy1Amazing right? I mean, look at that happy face! Today is Day 30 of Whole 30 for me, so you better believe I’m sitting down with this baby and a movie tomorrow night! You can find The Dunky Cup on Facebook, Twitter & check them out on Kickstarter – YOU have the power to make this happen!

Enjoy the weekend! XO

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    Jim Smith
    4 February 2017 at

    Love these pictures! They’re so creative!

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