Simply Earth – March Subscription Box

Holy moly. March is here and racing by and I’m sitting down and realizing I haven’t blogged in months! I swear, I’m still here guys! I joined SeneGence and became an independent distributor and LipSense has been keeping me extremely busy. So, today, while I am sitting down to enjoy the Bachelor, I thought I’d share with you an amazing company. I’ve talked about them before but just joined their Ambassador program so I am back for more! (And should be every month! EEEK!)

Simply Earth is an Essential Oil company that has a Monthly (optional subscription) Box. Each box includes Oils, Recipe Cards and everything needed to create the recipes. I love Simply Earth because of their amazing mission – which you can read and watch more about here. They ship out within 24 hours of ordering and they are a business that advocates for the voiceless, empowers employees, that allows the customers to change the world.
eo4So through this box, you are a world changer. You can make your home safe and give gifts through some of the recipes you create–plus 13% of the profits from Simply Earth go to help end human trafficking.

The MARCH box added some new oils to my collection and we have been diffusing all week the amazing blends from the recipe cards.
eo5Of course, Presley loves getting mail and loves smelling all the oils to see what they smell like. She loved making Christmas decor, and candles with one of our last boxes – so she knew right away we got to make something with this Simply Earth box!
The recipe cards included several recipes for Soap, so we decided to make one as soon as we got the box! We followed the recipe and gathered all our supplies and then got to work.

This one was super easy and only took us a few minutes. Presley had a blast, the house smelled amazing & now we have a new gift idea the next time a Holiday comes up.
eo7eo8Amazing right?
To purchase the MARCH box, you can find it here to purchase individually or you can sign up to receive a new box each month and then we can play together!

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