Easter 2017 – MWU

We had a pretty chill Easter around our parts this year, it is Presleys favorite Holiday so I went all out on eggs and had about 50 in the backyard for her to find! She went absolutely crazy and it was one of those magical parenting moments to see her so happy racing around the yard in her pajamas and bedhead. Chads school had an Easter event that we went too and Presley did great. The last 2 years we have gone and while she was super excited for the egg hunt got overwhelmed when they blew the whistle and broke down in tears both times. This year, she raced past all the kids picking up eggs on the outside edges to the untouched middle so she could get a bunch! I was such a proud (can you say competitive?) momma!
easter4easter6easter5easter7Thanks for stopping by to read about our Easter! Hope you had a great one! Xo

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