Essentially Handmade – Essential Oil Travel Bag

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite recent Subscription Box obsession with Simply Earth and I thought I’d stop by today to share how I travel with my favorite oils! I found Essentially Handmade on Instagramanyone else love shopping on instagram? – Amy put together the cutest bag for me and I couldn’t wait to photograph it to show you! This baby stays in my purse with my favorite oils that I use daily.
ess1My favorite daily oils you ask? OnGuard, Lemon, Lavender, Tranquility are just a few of the favorites I use during the day. But lets just check out this amazing packaging? I am one who often overlooks packaging (sorry if you purchase LipSense from me!)
My favorite nighttime oils: Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Breathe
ess3The colors of this bag are amazing and Amy has a HUGE range of fabrics that appeal to every taste! It was so hard to decide because there were so many cute options! I wanted something bright and beautiful, but also soft and cute and boy did she deliver!
ess7-2Not only is the bag perfect for tossing in your oils, rollers and car diffuser but comes with the most amazing oil pouch that keeps your oils safe and secure while you are traveling….Am I the only one that stresses about them banging together when you toss your purse around?


I asked Amy to tell me a little bit about herself and her WHY of having an Essential Oil shop:

I’m a teacher by day, wife, and mama to three teenage boys, so my free time is precious. I started Essentially Handmade to channel my sewing into one niche and to try to move toward being self employed.  We are moving to Texas this summer, so this seemed like a great time to try to become independent.  I was killing myself trying to sew all the things for my first shop and teach and be a mom, so I had to figure out how to use my limited time more wisely.  My love of eos and sewing came together in my pouches. My goal is to get my beautiful pouches out in the world for all eo lovers to enjoy as much as I do! This shop represents my dream of staying home with my family and still helping financially.

You can find Amy HERE and HERE and of course she left with some love “bloglove” will give you 15% off your purchase.

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