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I made this frame/sign forever ago and had it hung up in our entryway just empty, classy – I know. I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted on it & wanted it to be something ‘perfect’ so it just sat empty for months. Then of course, it’s time to move and I decide to try and tackle ALL of my projects & this one stares at me dead in the eye asking to be finished.

In thinking about our move & trying to find a rental home, (or do we buy?!) I’m researching addresses and neighborhoods and school districts and thinking that THIS will be another home that Presley lives in – even if it’s just for a year before we move again and how I want to remember it just as much as any other home. I want to make it OURS and then it hit me. I remembered Angelina’s Tattoo with the latitude/longitude for the children she adopted and thought it would be cool to do something similar for the ‘homes’ Presley has had since she entered our lives. So, of course – took to pinterest and found so many amazing ideas….and here I thought I was being creative. Hah.
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.24.10 PM
So, I decided to measure my area & get to work. After trusting google I found out there are two different ways to write latitude/longitude – soooo confusing – so I just picked the cuter one and went with that.

To find the Latitude/Longetude of a specific address I found it easiest to look up the address in google maps, then right click and click ‘whats here’ that pulls up the L/L at the bottom. If you click on that L/L it will pull up on the right side both ways it can be written and I chose the second (shorter) version.

l_lI found our addresses and put them into Silhouette, picked a font that would be easy to read with so many numbers (charter) in such a small space & then cut them out on matte black vinyl (with my Silhouette Cameo) and baam. Done. Since Presley has only lived in 2 homes, I decided to add a little something to the bottom and of course took to Pinterest again – how did we ever survive without Pinterest????? – and found this FREE SVG file here. SOOOO cute, I die.
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.49.45 PMAnd look here. Easy, peasy afternoon personalized project done.
Now nobody hunt me down and murder me in my sleep okay? Okay.
IMG_6381IMG_6386The Deets:
Frame created with THIS tutorial.
Paint from DecoArt in the stain Walnut & Everlasting White.
Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

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