EXPLORE ARIZONA: Sedona – Doe Mountain Hike

doe1With just a few weeks left in Arizona we decided to do one last trip to Sedona. We found an amazing free camping spot (you can read more about that here) ad decided to do a short hike we found online that seemed quick and easy. Doe Mountain trail was a very easy hike that brings you to a beautiful drop off with amazing views. 
Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.54.11 PMWhile we were on our way to the trailhead Presley was getting really tired and cranky, so we decided to park the car – roll the windows down and we put our seats back and took an hour power nap before the hike. She woke up super adorable and happy so it was definitely worth it. I love everything about Sedona. The red rock seriously blows me away every single time. I absolutely love every single view it provides and have had so much fun every time we have gone. I think it’s the area of Arizona that we visited the most! I mean, how can you not when we are less than 3 hours away. IMG_5810 doe2 doe3
doe7 doe9
doe11 doe8-2doe8doe10


FullSizeRender-3This was a super fun, easy hike. Presley did the entire thing by herself. There was a drop off at the end, but there was enough of a ledge we could sit down and enjoy lunch before we hiked back down. Even during the middle of the day we heard coyotes while we were sitting up there. We only saw a handful of other hikers and loved the views!

Get out there and explore! 

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