Family Activity – DIY Tie Dye Shirts

With Summer quickly approaching – I cannot believe we will be in Oklahoma this summer – AH! – I’ve been starting to make our to-do lists of all the places and things we need to do before we learn how to deal with snow! One of the fun things on all the summer lists I found on Pinterest was family tie-dye shirts and then I remembered I had a kit I found for $1 in a clearance bin at Michaels and decided I would find some blank white shirts & we could do this project early! Presley had been so excited to do this project so one night after dinner we prepped our table and got to work….she was excited for approximately 2 minutes and then over it so Chad and I got to decorate shirts! 

IMG_5020I found the set we used for only $13 on Amazon  (aff) and there are even bigger sets with more color options if you really want to get crazy. This is an amazing project for Family Home Evening, or Date Night….there are so many possibilities and opportunities to be creative. Everybody ends up with a shirt they can wear and an amazing memory!
IMG_5021Chad did his shirt, and most of Presleys and of course, they turned out perfectly! I tried to be artsy fartsy and ended up with a splotchy mess – but I think we were still pretty sweet looking camping in Sedona if you ask me. 
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.55.13 PMThanks for stopping by today! XO

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