EXPLORE ARIZONA – Sedona Camping and Town

Right before we left for a week in the Dominican Republic we spent the weekend camping in Sedona. Since we are back, and unpacking from our trip, and packing for our upcoming move – I figured I would sit down and try to get all my info out and organize pictures before I forget all the amazing memories we’ve made. My memory has a very short time span, which is why I think I love blogging so much – I am able to look back at all the amazing things we have been able to do. Here is all the info about camping/town from our last trip to Sedona. I’ll share the hike we did in another post! Read on adventurers….
sedona1We’ve been to Sedona several times in the past 4 years since we’ve lived in Arizona and have absolutely loved it every single time. When we knew that our time was coming to a close here we decided we would make one more trip up to visit the beautiful city of red rock. Most of our trips to Sedona have been day trips, or we have stayed in Hotels and this round we decided to camp. We have been dying to stay at the Manzanita Campground but it books out weeks in advance and we couldn’t get a spot. We tried one other campground up the road and they were full as well so we headed a little further up and found some AMAZING dispersed camping that ended up working out perfectly – and you can’t beat free!
(We camped in April and it was warm during the days, and mid 50’s at night)IMG_5767

camp2-2 camp1For our meals, we always pack a huge cooler full of ice and food…our breakfasts usually involve eggs, bacon and fruits in yogurt. We have this amazing little cooker that was gifted to us for Christmas and we use it every single time we go camping. You can find it on Amazon here (aff).
IMG_5806For lunch we bring canned chicken from Costco and usually chopped bell peppers, jicama and fruit. We are usually doing a hike or some activity so we bring lots of trail mix, beef jerky and snacks for Presley (goldfish, pretzels etc). For dinner we do Hot Dogs for Presley and either grill chicken or this visit we did kabobs that were pre-made from Safeway and even though they took a bit longer to cook they were DIVINE.
IMG_5791Its not a campfire without glowsticks and lots of s’mores which we make sure to bring every time! Then, we usually set up Presley in the tent with a computer and a movie to calm down for bed & then Chad and I get some time to relax by the fire (and makeout!) 

Before we got all sweaty and dirty hiking, we wanted to spend some time walking around town so we checked out some of the shops and ate pizza at our favorite place. IMG_5755




So much fun. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Sedona you must go! If you have ANY questions about anything please reach out to me and let me know!

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