Fruit Infused Sparkling Ice Water

sparkleheadSummer Summer is here!!! I am so excited for tv shows, relaxing nights on the patio under twinkle lights, camping, pool time and of course relocated to Oklahoma! We’ve got so much going on right now, but I wanted to check in and tell you I’ve got a huge post about Whole 30 coming soon, but for today I wanted to talk about one of the ways I stay on track with Sparkling Ice water (now available on Amazon!)
sparkle3With over 15 flavors, a sleek bold bright design and packaging, these delicious bubbly waters are perfect for travel, on to the go, road trips, cocktail mixes and even daily drinks to switch up your water consumption. I am a firm believer in 8 cups of water per day, so in between my water chugging and bathroom stops, it is fun to have something packed with flavor and fizz! 
sparkle5I love fruit infused regular water, so Sparkling Ice water is perfect for our household! I even add MORE fruit to it. I mean, who can turn down fresh fruit saturated in Sparkling Ice water once you finish your drink! Plus, instead of having to think of your own fruit to add, just stick with the flavors…blackberry, kiwi, strawberry….it can’t get any easier! 
sparkle6Add ice, a fun garnish (and squeeze of lime juice – because nothing screams summer more!) and then add your fruit and pour in your flavor of choice!




sparkle2Skip the calories while still keeping amazing flavor and you can sip all day long!  Head to amazon (Prime obsessed anyone) and grab your own DASH button for Sparkling Ice while you are at it!

Which flavor are you most excited to try?

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