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Have you ever wandered around your local thrift store, found something you just couldn’t pass up (even though you had nowhere to put it) and bring it home? My husband hates that I bring home projects we don’t have space for – but when you find an awesome deal on something you can’t turn your back on it! Things like this never last long! I’m so excited to be sitting down today to share this before/after I finished last month and finally got around to taking pictures of! While perusing our local Goodwill (in Arizona) we found this table for $5.99 and I couldn’t pass it up. It would be the perfect little entryway table for a few months until I finally decided to turn it into a LipSense Demo table. I had some fun paint from DecoArt I wanted to use and the design was wayyyy too easy to come up with!


desk2The table itself was in great condition, really sturdy and really good as it was. I just cant turn down painting stuff – I want to paint everything! So, using the hand sander – I sanded the table down to make sure my paint would adhere a bit easier. Sanding is the most boring part of a project, but I recommend it 100% – don’t skip this annoying, boring step!

desk3Here is my lineup of paint from DecoArt I pulled out for this project. I ended up doing a hack on the black stripes so I didn’t end up using the paint – but the pink, white and gold were perfect!
desk6desk8This tape hack worked out PERFECTLY – instead of taping and painting black lines – I just used black electrical tape as my lines! Perfect straight lines and zero headache! 
desk8-2This was one of those projects I just sort of winged it as I went on. I didn’t have an exact plan in mind and it turned out great. Don’t be afraid to try something new or out of your comfort zone! Now I just need to have a LipSense party to show it off! 




desk7Not too shabby huh? I need to find a fancy knob – but this was done right before we left for Oklahoma, so now the hunt can continue….along with trying to find a different house. Pass the vino.

Thanks for stopping by today! XO

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