Dominican Republic – Day 1

I guess it’s finally time I sit down and sort through the thousands of pictures I took in the Dominican Republic. I figured I’d break it down and make it easier on me, and you (looking through a thousand photos) by separating this into a billion posts. So bare with me and enjoy the pictures that hopefully showcase the amazing vacation we were able to have.
We boarded our plane and learned the hard way we will NEVER fly overnight again. We thought Presley (and us) would sleep the entire way but it is seriously impossible to sleep in an airplane with the excitement, the uncomfortable chairs and the fact that someone is always talking or snoring. Never again. The ONLY plus was that we were able to have an ‘extra’ day in the Dominican Republic – which ended up being half a day because we needed to catch up on some sleep! 
FullSizeRenderOur saving grace were neck pillows, downloaded movies and lots of goldfish and snacks. We had a layover in NYC and I wish it was longer because New York is on my Bucket List of places to explore. We grabbed donuts, coffee and relaxed a bit before our second flight into Punta Cana. 
dr1IMG_6028As soon as we got to the Punta Cana, and shuttled our way to the Melia (an all inclusive resort we chose to stay at) after waiting 2 hours to check in we were able to get to our sub-par room, which we later switched out of…partially unpacked, then went to find food and the beach! We were exhausted but couldn’t wait!
dr4Presley had an absolute blast at the beach. The waves were tiny and very shallow so she was totally comfortable and able to explore. We took a small nap, and then decided to walk down the beach a mile to where my entire family was staying and Presley RAN in the water the ENTIRE way – it was CRAZY. We could hardly keep up with her.





Now that was a gorgeous first day in the Dominican Republic.

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