Dominican Republic – Day 2

With a little sleep and some relaxing catch up time we were excited to go explore the All Inclusive Resort, but the rain had other plans. It rained almost all night and most of the resort was flooded (including all the restaurants!) it was pretty crazy! Thankfully it only rained for half the day and we then were able to head down to the beach to grab some sun while our family joined us for some water time with Presley who was very excited to get out of our hotel room.

day2-3When dinner time came around, we ordered Presleys dinner and she fell asleep sitting up! It was the craziest thing we have ever seen! She ended up staying passed out even though we tried waking her up several times and ended up sleeping 14 hours straight – her newest record! So, she definitely got caught up on sleep and was ready to party! 


  1. The beaches look amazing!! I have always wanted to go to that side of the US and visit the islands. Adding this to my ever-growing bucket list!

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