10 Summer Essentials for a Long Weekend


scotts1Oh my goodness – I still can’t believe we are officially in July and it’s light out until around 930pm here in Oklahoma. It’s crazy! We have some amazing plans for this summer (and this year) while we explore this brand new state. I’ll be sharing our full To-Do list we hope to accomplish while we are here in Oklahoma for the next year in a post this next week – but for today I thought I would sit down and share some of our favorite things we take camping with us. If you’ve been around here for awhile you know that we are big on camping and exploring (find all of our Arizona adventures HERE). So we’ve gotten packing and camping comforts down to a science! Today I’ll be sharing 10 things we love to have and think about when we pack up the car to explore.

1. CAR PREP: A lot of times we go places a few hours from us so it’s important to have a car that can handle the terrain as well as a full tank of gas, emergency supplies and it always helps if it’s recently cleaned and smelling delicious! Our hummer is amazing for adventures, while also being spacious enough to bring all of our supplies with us. We recently found a Cargo Liner for the back that keeps the back clean and protected while we shove all our gear into it. (Available on Amazon HERE)

2. Entertainment: Since the drive to our adventures is between 1-3 hours away, it’s helpful to have Presleys iPad charged so she can play on it, and then I love to either journal, or go through my camera to delete any photos that don’t need to get put on my computer. We also usually bring a laptop/dvds for Presley to watch at night so that she can relax in the tent with a movie while Chad and I relax by the fire! A book on tape, or dowloaded to the Kindle app is also great for when you are out of service.

3. Camera: I usually bring my Canon T3i with us so I can document all of our adventures, but I also love to bring my Fuji-Instamax so print out a few pictures for my journal (and Presleys). I love detaching from my phone and going off-the-grid but it’s very important to me to have pictures of all the amazing memories we are making. Depending on our adventure, sometimes I just bring my iPhone for pictures instead of my DSLR.scott1

4. Food: Obviously if you are going camping you need food! We usually pack a cooler with ice and lots of food. I plan out all our meals and snacks beforehand so we don’t have anything to worry about. We love eating fruit, veggies, canned chicken, protein bars, nut mixes and then chicken/steak/hot dogs on the fire at night. And you can’t forget the s’mores. What is camping without em?

5. Beauty: I love bringing trial sizes of face wipes, baby wipes, contact solution, a bar of soap and trial sizes of makeup if I really want to get glammed up for a walk around town. I don’t even worry about my hair, so I bring dry-shampoo, bobby pins and usually just put my hair in a low pony tail or stuff it under a hat. Part of the fun of camping is not having to worry about looking in the mirror! I do like to make sure I keep my face clean so I don’t break out!

6. Appropriate clothing: Far too often I forget to plan for different temperatures. You can never be too safe! Plan to wear layers and be prepared for rain, snow, heat, bugs, water, etc. Lots of socks, shoes, gloves, mittens. When you are camping, you can never overpack! Leave what you don’t need in the car – EASY!

7. Bug protection: I’m a little crazy about bug protection! I absolutely loathe being itchy so I make sure we have a good spray/candle going at all times! I’ve even seen solar powered bug zappers you can put outside of your tent!
8. Sunscreen: A lot of times when we go explore we plan a hike or two to do during the day before we actually go set up and enjoy camping. We just spent 4 years in Arizona so we got used to the sun but still constantly used sunscreen. I love trial sizes of sunscreen, foundation with a sunscreen in it and keep sunscreen in the tent, in the car and in a hiking backpack.
9. The right toilet paper!! Scotts has a summer essential line perfect for boating, RV’s and camping! We have loved using the Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper – it is super tough, yet gentle and breaks down 4x faster than regular toilet paper!scotts4
10. A good attitude:
This seems like a no-brainer but living without electricity, a shower, toilet can make you a little negative. You’ve got to go into your adventure knowing it’s going to be dirty, stinky and that things might not go just as planned! But be brave, and make those memories!


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Get out there and explore!!



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