Back to School – With Goldfish®


Excuse me while I grab my tissue box. I cannot believe Presley is going to be officially starting Pre-School in just a few short weeks. She is pretty positive she just wants to stay home and that I can be her teacher and I have more than once looked up how to do home schooling. I know that we both need to do this, so now we just need to put our big girl pants on! But what the heck do I do all day without my best friend? Definitely a first time Mom and first child problem I’m dealing with!

Since we are getting ready for Pre-School we have been working really hard with Presley and her manners, sharing, kindness and listening to parents/teachers as well as getting her comfortable using the bathroom by herself and washing her hands as well as sanitizer throughout the day. The other big thing I’ve been trying to get Presley prepped with is all of her letters in both lowercase and uppercase. She can recognize and name most of them, so I’ve been trying to find some new ways for her to get better recognition and be able to write them on her own.

With the help of Goldfish®, I came up with this fun idea that makes learning fun, and delicious! Goldfish® are always baked with real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservations so I can feel good about Presley snacking on them.
goldfish6-2This is such an easy, fun project to put together and can be completely customized for your child with letters, numbers, words, shapes, etc. I found a raised basket for a few dollars at the store, used some scratch paper and a permanent marker and wrote down the alphabet (one letter per page) in both capital and lowercase. Then I placed the paper in the basket and poured in a few handfuls of Goldfish® for Presley to work with – perfect car activity y’all! – and she got to work!
goldfish4Look at that silly smile girl!!! She was having so much fun lining up the Goldfish® on the letters while we practiced what sounds “A” makes and what words begin with A.
goldfish3She couldn’t wait to practice more letters and I love that snack time can be combined with learning time, plus that with a raised basket this is an activity that we can do anywhere! It’s easy to transport in the car & Goldfish® make it fun to learn while playing!

To find some more great Back to School ideas you can find Goldfish® on Pinterest and Youtube!

Experienced Moms: What else can I do to make this transition easier? (for both of us!)

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