Enjoying Summer with Danimals


I was chatting with a friend this last week and she asked how we are enjoying the new house and if I’ve found ways to decorate everything. I looked around and realized we are barely even unpacked after being here for 2 weeks. We definitely are people that enjoy to be out having fun instead of being stuck at home. I’m a natural born introvert so I wouldn’t mind staying home all day every day to unpack and organize, but Presley and Chad love to be out exploring so over the last few years I’ve sort of jumped outside of my bubble and enjoy being out. So, when friends invited us to the Lake on the base at Fort Sill we quickly packed up the car, abandoned the to-do list for the afternoon and went to go play! With just a few weeks left of Summer we want to soak up as much sun as we can before the freezing weather in Oklahoma hits! danimals1We brought music, lots of sunscreen and towels, our paddle board and of course some of our favorite snacks and drinks. In a cooler kept nice and cold we picked out some Danimals for Presley, ice pops, water and my favorite sparkling water.

danimals5Danimals can be found at your local Walmart and are a kids favorite, plus they are quick, healthy and a perfect snack option! They are a great source of Calcium and Vitamin D while being found in delicious flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, Banana Split, Mixed Berry and several more. How cute is that big girl with her little life jacket racing after daddy to go paddle boarding with him?! danimals2

danimals6Danimals are the  perfect snack for kids who dislike stopping activities to grab a drink or snack. They are quick, easy and delicious! That means more time exploring, playing and enjoying summer before it ends!  I know it is so hard to get Presley to stop exploring to eat when she is having so much fun! She was allowed to go down this huge waterslide with Chad and I and probably went 15 times. She’d get to the bottom and yell “That was amazing!! Lets do it again! Best day ever!!!”danimals9danimals8


We’ve still got a pretty big list of things to do this summer while we explore Oklahoma….Whats on YOUR to do list? 

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