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I am here today (tonight honestly) to tell you about our new Google Home Device! To say I am impressed would be an understatement! We are having so much fun with our new Google Home I had to snap a few pictures and get online to tell you about it. As a Mom (and hypochondriac) I check google approximately 30 times a day – not an exaggeration– so when I can ask a question from across the room without having to locate my computer or phone to pull up the internet I’m sold. Plus, not only can this amazing device answer questions, but ‘she’ can play music from your Spotify/Pandora accounts, set timers, alarms….all hands free. I mean, lets just dive in and take a tour.
google2Pretty packaging is so fun, but there is so much more in that package. We couldn’t get it open fast enough! I decided to put the device in our kitchen since it’s central to the house, and easily accessed from any point (living room, bedrooms, etc.) During set up you can specify which room the device is being placed.


google8Directions included make it super simple to get set up right away: plug in, download the free app and then set it up with a few simple prompts. I linked my Spotify Premium account right away so we could listen to music “Hey google, play the Moana Soundtrack” was the first thing we tried! Presley and I just looked at each other with dropped jaws when it started playing.

The device is perfect for:

New Parents:  While my daily google list averages around 30 searches a day, when Presley was a baby I’m sure it was well over 100. Ranging from poop colors, to colic, to why wont she sleep? I would have loved to use this at 3am when she was screaming and I needed some white noise played. Ask her anything and she can answer it. New Parent? Check out this New Parent Welcome Kit!

Busy Parents: Cooking dinner and need an extra timer? An alarm to tell you when to leave in the morning? Reminders, weather updates, info about your day? Ask and ye shall receive.

Kids: Presley loves asking her all sorts of questions (check out my instagram account for a short clip!) and asking her to play songs like ‘Twinkle Twinkle” or the Moana or Trolls soundtrack.

College Dorm: With different voice recognition, great sound and a touch screen – this is perfect for keeping busy college students on time with reminders, alarms and info about whats happening in their day. PLUS, music at your fingertips!

Not only is Google Home perfect in any room of the house, but the base can be switched out for different colors to completely match your home.


I mean, really….what are YOU waiting for?


I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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