Exploring Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas



Presley started Pre-School a few weeks ago, and with the long Labor Day weekend we decided to get out of town and drive a short 3 hours to spend a few days exploring Dallas! I was super excited to explore Deep Ellum after finding it in a ‘what to do in Dallas’ pinterest search. The artwork, restaurants and overall feel was exactly what I was looking for a day adventure. Plus, it helped that it was dog friendly all outdoors and absolutely gorgeous everywhere you looked!

We rented bikes from the side of the street for $1 an hour and loaded up our baskets with Sparkling Ice, Dexter & some snacks for exploring the artwork of Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is filled with art, restaurants, lounges and tons of artwork….You can find a helpful map of it here – but we just drove around and stopped whenever we saw something we liked.
Like Tacos.
and Ice-cream.
and the dog park.

sparkle1It was perfect timing to be exploring Deep Ellum with a bunch of Sparkling Ice (found on amazon in 15 flavors HERE) because the entire brands motto is BE NOT BLAND…..and everywhere you looked was amazing artwork that just inspired so many emotions and thoughts. There was artwork for everybody, tons of stuff Presley loved, I feel in love with a geometric wall, but we also found some crazy aliens, some hairless cat paintings and so many more.



All of the artwork was different, but so creative and fun. It was perfect wondering around the streets finding all sorts of different artwork, like this “I love you” with a proposal off to the side! AH! 





So, now that you’ve seen a billion pictures of me. Remind yourself, while sipping on a delicious Sparkling Ice to Take a stand! Be authentic. Be you. Be Not Bland!

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