Some of my current Fall Favorites


fall1I miss Arizona every single day, but the season of Fall is upon us in Oklahoma and I am loving every single minute of it. We have so many leaves in our front yard that we raked them all up and let Presley jump in them over and over again until she had leaves in her boots and tucked in all her crevices. I posted a hilarious boomerang of her jumping out of a pile of leaves on my instagram and we are collecting all the orange and red leaves we find out on walks – it is absolutely gorgeous outside, I wish I could do like a 2 month time lapse to capture all the beautiful changing colors! The other thing I am excited about is WARM CLOTHES! In Arizona, it rarely got cold enough for us to wear layers or boots, and so we are already freezing in October and starting to layer clothing. In narrowing down my closet and trying to keep only what I love (Kon Mari anyone?) I’ve settled on a few “Fall Favorites” and thought I’d share them with you:

First up, and absolutely VITAL to any fall look is LEGGINGS. I’m pretty sure I wear leggings at least once a day. Either as pajamas, during gym time, or while running errands or doing chores. I know, my husband is SUPER lucky and yes I believe #leggingsarepants. My go-to color is plain black and usually I just find thin ones, but this year I decided to team up Kohls and the Cuddl Duds line to get this amazing warm gorgeous ones available here. These are so versatile and perfect for dressing up or down, paired with booties, long shirts or just at home with a cozy sweater in front of the fire with a good romance novel.
Next up is the classic Turtleneck. I feel like these disappeared for a while but have since made the come back! While I see myself reading by the fire in a cozy turtleneck, I LOVE the look of skinny jeans, a fancy necklace and some heels for date night. Another amazing item that you can dress either up or down……and layer with a vest, sweater or button up. Grab my white one here (I wear a medium)
Next is probably my favorite. Sweaters! I think I have more sweaters than I have anything else. Long ones, short ones, floppy ones, tight ones, zip ones, button ones…also in every color of the rainbow; because you just never know when it might get cold. Ever gone to the movies in a shirt and been freezing? Picnic at the park, library, restaurants….Everywhere is freezing so I always bring a sweater (or my husband yells at me to bring a sweater) Now add thumb holes and pockets, well I’m sold. You can find this Cuddl Duds here and I promise you won’t regret it (I’m wearing a size small)
And last but not least, BOOTIES!!! I found these booties last week (and on sale woot woot!) and just couldn’t pass them up. I think they are a fall staple and go perfectly with everything.
The Cuddl Duds line is available at Kohls in amazing colors, prints and lots of styles. Completely versatile and perfect for layering, colder weather and everything in between.

So, those are my favorites….What would you add?

Get $10 off Cuddl Duds from 10/27-11/7 HERE.

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