Toddler Apps – 4 Year Old Edition


I think buying an iPad mini during black friday years ago was one of the best moves we have ever made. The iPad has saved us so many times and gives us a few quiet moments when we need it. It’s great for the car, great for meetings, doctors appointments and everything in between.
Since we use the iPad for keeping Presley entertained, we want to make sure that it is also educational and not just something that keeps her quiet. So, i’ve rounded up our favorite apps right now, some more educational that others, but definitely a great assortment to keep those Toddlers entertained.
Here are my personal top four favorites, which are also Presleys top four favorites. These are our go-tos and absolute favorites. I even have them on my iPhone for when the iPad is out of battery or we forget it at home. I’ve always got my phone, so it’s perfect.
apps-2KIDLOLAND: This is our absolute favorite game. If you could only have one app, this would be the one. There are so many sections of the game, letters, phonics, stories, games, songs. You name it, it’s in the app. The colors are bright, and within every single section is an opportunity for your child to be educated. Colors, shapes, sounds, numbers, letters, words. Hands down our favorite one.

READ WITH PHONICS:  This is a great game for kids closer to 5 either in Pre-K or Kindergarten. The game involves using phonics and if kids don’t understand basic sounds it’s a tricky game to play. We have loved tinkering around with it, but Presley still doesn’t quite grasp phonics. It’s going to be an amazing game for us in another year. The game requires sound and has move along levels that encourage kids to keep working.

ELMO ABCS: This was one of the first apps we got on the iPad and it has stayed with us for years. What kid doesn’t love Elmo? It is perfect for teaching letters plus has lots of puzzles, matching and songs that encourage remembering the letters.

ABC ALPHABET: This is a very basic app that is perfect for learning letters in both capital and lowercase. It encourages proper lettering with stars and rewards and is featured in a school setting with a teacher and a chalkboard. Very basic but perfect for getting those kids ready for PreSchool and Kindergarten.

apps2Next up is Presleys absolute favorite apps. She says these ones aren’t for learning but are just for playing and having fun. Contrary to her opinions, she is learning colors, what fits together, recognition and there isn’t anything negative coming from them – so we keep them on the iPad.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE HOLIDAY HAIR: Presley loves this one. It’s a total makeover app and she loves changing all the hair colors and shapes. This one is definitely one of her faves, she loves how creative she gets to be and the app stores photos and you can add stickers and ‘travel’ with the Strawberry Shortcake girls.

DISNEY PUZZLE PACKS: I cant find the direct link for this one, but we love it! Puzzles, matching, patterns and all Disney theme so it’s perfect for kids who are obsessed with all things Disney. Kids love Disney, and as a parent you get to watch them put puzzles together, learn colors, shapes, patterns and even letters.

PEPPA PAINTBOX: Presley is obsessed with this TV Show so this is the perfect app for her. She gets to color, add stickers and then talks in an accent for the rest of the day which is incredibly adorable.

PALACE PETS: Definitely one of Presleys personal favorites. She loves the Princess animals that correspond with each Princess. You get to clean them, play with them, feed them and even earn points/hearts to ‘purchase’ more outfits and decorations for the animals.

app3Some of our other favorite apps that are on the iPad

PAINT SPARKLE: This one is definitely geared towards younger kids but Presley still loves it. You get to color and there are lots of fun sparkles and glitter trails that follow your fingers. This was one of the first apps we got for Presley when she was much younger but she refuses to let me delete it so we keep it on.

DENTIST MANIA: This one is a hoot! Because Presleys daddy is a Dentist we love this one! There are several different patients to choose from and you get to clean, floss, pull teeth, get rid of germ monsters and even do some braces. Definitely a fun game that also teaches kids how important it is to take care of their teeth!

DISNEYMOVIES: We sync this bad boy up with our Disney video collection and get to watch videos on the go. We can only hold one or two because of space issues on our little iPad. It’s a great app to have if you want to watch (or even purchase videos) while on the go.

WOOD PUZZLE: This is like an update version of tetris that we are obsessed with. My dad got me hooked and then Presley stole my phone and loved playing it, so we put it on her iPad and have competitions. At 4 years old, she isn’t very good, but it’s teaching her about shapes and fitting things together. StockSnap_M6XC5T3JY3

So, there are our favorites right now. What are your kids favorite apps? We are always on the lookout for some new favorites.

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