2017 Halloween Recap

I’m surprised that we had so many events this year being that we have only been here for about 4 months but I am not complaining. I want life for Presley to be fun and full, and I enjoy staying busy and always having things to worry about. To keep up with tradition I’d thought I’d share lots of pictures of our activities for all of our sweet family and friends we don’t get to live by. This years events included Presleys PreSchool Halloween Event, An Event at Chads Work, Trunk or Treating with the church and then Trick or Treating around our neighborhood.

Presley attends the Little Learners Program at our local YMCA and it has been absolutely amazing. The program is 5x a week and for 3 hours. They get to play with lots of friends and learn everything in English, Spanish and sign language. They have yoga, show and tell and evens swim lessons. I am literally so thankful we found it because it’s absolutely perfect for Presley and myself. Presley decided for school that she wanted to be Cinderella the night before so that morning we pulled her hair into a bun and she wore one of my chokers, she begged me for some makeup so I caved and let her wear some mascara, blush and LipSense. She looked absolutely breathtaking and we had so much fun with her class (parents were invited) watching them learn, sing, dance, and have lots of snacks.

Then later that afternoon after Presleys PreSchool was Chads work event so Presley requested an outfit change and we headed to go play games, eat food, play Bingo (we won a game) and then we stayed to play some Mini-Golf. It was tons of fun, and the weather cleared up so it only rained for a few minutes and was otherwise great. Chad is surrounded by some amazing people so it was an absolute blast.







Our next activity was our Church Trunk or Treat. We decided that this was the event we were going to get dressed up for, so the race was on to finish our Moana costumes. I skimped on a few details, but they sure did turn out okay! We had a blast and there were tons of people at the church. It was almost freezing outside so we did a quick lap of trunks – or as Presley called it “Truck or Treat” and then headed inside to warm up. So these are our official 2017 Halloween Costume photos!

We were watching the weather really close and it was raining for a few hours prior to Trick or Treating night but our neighborhood is known for being a huge Lawton Trick or Treating area so we bundled up and headed out to get some candy! Presley decided to be Princess Sophia and it worked out perfectly because I got to layer her up in thermals and gloves while we did a few blocks of houses and then headed back to our house for snacks and games! It ended up being a crazy late night and we had school in the morning (whoops!) so it was definitely a fun night full of memories but hard to wake up the next morning!

Another Halloween in the books. BOO YAH.
Now on to plan next years.

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