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 We have been in Oklahoma for a few months, and are only here for a few more so going ‘home’ for the Holidays just wasn’t an option for us this year. I guess that is one of the downsides of being in the Army, no big Christmas breaks like we were used to in Dental School.  I’ve been working hard to make our home cozy and to think of some new traditions we can start since we will be alone for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We are super lucky and have found a great group of friends and are going to relax and eat with friends for Thanksgiving and (and probably Christmas) this year – since we will be the guests instead of hosting I thought I’d think of some simple things as a guest we can do to say ‘Thanks”.
StockSnap_JOE5MCSZXBI’m a big fan of bringing flowers during the spring and summer seasons, but during the Fall Holidays, I like to switch it up a little and these are my current go-tos.
You cannot go wrong with a candle. EVERYBODY loves candles. I always have at least one candle burning in the house so I love being able to remind someone how cozy candles are in the house; plus, all the fall fragrances are the best thing in the world. You can find amazing candles at you local grocery store in seasonal smells, or even the classics which are always a safe bet.
wente2Another thing I love to bring over is a recipe card with the food I am bringing. A lot of craft stores have adorable recipe cards, so I write down the side dish or dessert I am bringing over and then bring some matching recipe cards for other guests to add their recipe to, or take home.
My favorite go-to during this season is WINE! Plus, when you throw in some cute stemless glasses and you can definitely sign up to be invited again over and over. I personally recommend Wente as a great gift wine because it’s delicious, affordable and absolutely beautiful!
wente7So, if you invite me to your house – this is what you are getting! SURPRISE! What are your favorite ‘guest’ gifts to give & receive?!

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