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I’m pretty sure someone has been watching me for the last few years while I loose things over and over and stress myself out while tearing about the house or the car trying to find them. This genius person who was watching me decided to create the Tile so that I could find anything anytime I misplace it. The Tile is a bluetooth tracker that when turned on and attached to any item it can be located – this is not just for your wallet and keys….so to put it to the test, we put it on some things we cannot live without and are constantly loosing.
The Tile is attached to an item and the app on your phone can track, send a tune to the Tile so that you can hear and track down your special items. Tile has the worlds largest Lost & Found Community with over two million items every single day. You can hook, stick or slide the Tile to skis, your passport, your toothbrush, wallet, keys, guitar, camera. If you loose it, everyone can help you find it. Breathe easy, knowing that nothing will ever be lost.

I took to Facebook and my own home to think about all the things we couldn’t live without and here are some of my favorite items that I’d never want to loose. First up, Bobby Pins! Oh my gosh Facebook, you cracked me up with this one.
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.39.54 PM
Presley is obsessed with Dinosaurs and has probably close to a hundred of them, but the giant longneck that Uncle Nic bought her is her favorite. You’d think because it’s giant we wouldn’t loose it, but sure enough she has misplaced it a few times. So, now he can have a cute necklace and we can always find him. We tested it out a few times because ‘Jeffrey’ wanted to play hide and seek and we could hear him as soon as I tapped the button on my phone.


Do any other Laundry do-ers have problems always loosing ONE of the socks? I’m pretty sure the dryer eats them or something. Don’t put your Tile in the washer, but y’all. I couldn’t help myself. This one was hilarious.

Our favorite furboy Dexter has a top favorite toy and Presley (the stinker) always hides it! We couldn’t find this for months and Dexter kept clawing at a pile of stuff needing to go in the attic. I moved everything to see if an of his toys were hiding but there wasn’t anything so I assumed he was crazy. A few weeks goes by and Chad was putting stuff in the attic and picked up Presleys old pack-n-play and it squeaked. Presley had unzipped the carrier and put his toy in the bottom of the bag! Dexter went absolutely crazy and was so happy. So Dexter votes we put the Tile on his favorite toy so Presley can never hide it again. tilemate7


So I would love to hear, what would YOU put the Tile on? Silly, serious and anything in between. Let me know!
Together we find.

Check out all the styles of Tile. I’m sort of obsessed.


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    I always have my Tile on my house keys because I used to forget them. Now I have a second Tile that goes on my DSLR or is put in my suitcase while traveling!

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