Milk-Bone products for a healthier Dog in 2018


It is no secret around these parts that Dexter is the most adorable spoiled puppy in the universe, so when Milk-Bone popped up in my inbox, I couldn’t say NO! We were so excited to try these products, and today I’ll be sharing a little bit about each one so you can also spoil your precious fur-babies.

Dexter is one of the most enthusiastic dogs you’ll ever meet. As soon as we get home and let him out of his kennel he races around the house, grabbing anything he can carry and then has to get attention from everyone before he calms down. Even if I just walk out to the mailbox and back, he greets me the same exact way even though it’s been 20 seconds. He loves meeting new people and loves snuggling up in the blankets at night. In the morning after morning kisses and a trip outside, he gets his very own Good Morning Vitamin (which Presley calls a treat in fear that he won’t want to eat it if he knows it’s a vitamin!) He gobbles this soft chewy treat so fast so I don’t think calling it a vitamin would deter him one bit. This container snaps shut so it seals in freshness and includes a helpful guide on the back as to how many your dog can have based on their size. This vitamin contains nutrients not found in most dog food so it’s the perfect addition to your dogs lifestyle.


Dexter has a cozy kennel so he snuggles up for a nap while Presley and I run errands and go to school and then is super excited as soon as we get home so we make sure he gets lots of one on one attention, a walk around the neighborhood and then another ‘treat’ while Presley and I get lunch. These Brushing Chews are amazing and he enjoys each one for about 15 minutes straight. We (with a Dentist husband) are very focused around tooth and gum health so I love that Milk Bone has something especially for our handsome boy. This daily dental treat is clinically proven to be as effective as brushing, plus freshens that adorable dog breath! The resealable bag maintains freshness and brushing power and is perfect for dogs of all sizes.
Last but not least are these genius Pill Pouches made with real chicken that have a perfect little hole for hiding medication inside. Luckily Dexter doesn’t have to take any medication right now, but in the past this would have been awesome instead of trying to shove a pill down his throat!

Amazing products right? We are so excited to use the Good Morning Vitamins and the Brushing Chews on a daily basis and Dexter is verrrrrry excited to have some delicious new treats he gets daily! He comes running when he hears that seal pop!

Right now, when you head to Target check out the Cartwheel offer  – 10% off any Milk-Bone Advanced Care product running until 2/10/18! 

Here is to a happy, healthy year for YOU and your PUPS!

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