Presley is FIVE – Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

This last weekend my tiny baby turned FIVE. Such a bittersweet weekend because I cannot believe she is so big, yet will always see her as my tiny little baby. It’s crazy to sit back and just watch her as a person – it is incredible to see the person she is turning into and I fall more in love with her every single day – which I didn’t even think was possible. I’ve made it a priority to celebrate her Birthday because I want it to be a day to celebrate her a little bit extra. Last year we had an amazing Paw Patrol Party, and the year before we had a Princess Party (with Belle as a surprise guest) so I knew I wanted to do something fun again this year. Of course, time sort of slipped away and a few days before Presleys party when I actually realized what day it was, we madly started getting everything ready! I was hoping to do a Unicorn Themed Party but Boss said she wanted a Dinosaur Party so with 72 hours we pulled this thing together and had an amazing time. We are literally so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people that spoiled Presley and made her feel so loved. I cannot believe the group of friends we have made in just 6 months here in Oklahoma.

We had just been to a Birthday party at Nations of Fun and decided it was worth the splurge. The last few years we rented a Bounce House that basically did all the work for us. The kids loved it and the adults just got to sit around and eat and chat. Since Oklahoma is freezing (our last few years we were in Arizona) we knew we needed to keep it inside! Nations of Fun has several different party packages and is great for kids. We had a room in the back and were able to set it up and decorate it however we liked. Pizza and drinks for the kids were included and it ended up turning out perfectly.

Because I decided to keep things easy, I went to Walmart and grabbed tablecloths, plates, napkins, paper (we cut out leaves) for the tables. We brought all of Presleys dinosaurs and made tiny party hats for them & then for the cake instead of trying to make something myself (although Presley insisted I make THIS volcano cake we found while searching Pinterest for ideas!). we stuck with Walmart! They did an amazing job and the cake was delicious and extremely affordable, plus we were able to pick it up the next day.

party2-2Nations of Fun is an indoor jungle gym with a huge 3 story play structure and several bounce houses. The kids just ran around like crazy for 2 hours and we hardly had to parent at all! Its the perfect win/win! Definitely worth every penny in my opinion.

party6-2The kids enjoyed Pizza for dinner and we even had TV in our room so we had a movie playing (Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaur) and then Presley got to be in the spotlight for her Birthday song, cake cutting and presents.




party12-2As everyone was leaving, we handed up Playdoh and Dinosaurs and they were a big hit! Plus, an easy and cheap party favor! Plus, what kid doesn’t love playdoh?!

HUGE THANKS to everyone that sent Presley gifts in the mail and to everyone that took time out of their weekend to spoil her. She felt sooooo loved and said this was ‘the best birthday party EVER!’.


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