DIY: Floating Shelves in our Guest Bathroom

Our year in Oklahoma is coming quickly to a close and so we are racing around to finish the last few projects before our house is occupied with renters and we head to spend a few years with the Army in Italy. hooah! One of the projects I was most excited to do when we first purchased this home, other than the Shiplap wall, was some shelves in this interesting space in the Guest/Main bathroom. It was just an empty space, a horrible hiding spot for Hide & Seek and so putting shelves in was an easy conversation when I approached the hubby with, “heeeeeyyyy, I have an idea” (because we all know how that conversation turns out). Here is the space before:

IMG_1839As with all projects, I started with measuring, double checking & drawing out some basic plans. I scoured the internet and found seventeen too many floating shelf tutorials so it was easy to get a game plan as to how to go about this project. We headed to Lowe’s to grab a few pieces of wood we didn’t have in our garage wood stockpile & then got to work.


Chad found studs and secured these 2x4s we had in our garage – evenly spaced so that we could make 3 shelves and have room underneath for a shelf, or a dirty clothes basket. These things are so secure we could hang on them without them flinching.
IMG_1877Then the fun part: I did a quick sand and stained the wood we got from Lowe’s and secured those pieces to the tops and bottoms of the 2x4s to create the actual shelf.
IMG_2109What project is a project without a selfie moment. As you can see in the mirror reflection, we haven’t changed out the Star Wars shower head yet…..and, I used a clamp to hold the top and bottom pieces to the 2×4 so that I could easily nail the piece to the 2×4 without needed an extra set of hands. Then I attached the front piece of wood to complete the shelf and give it a very boxed shelf look – make sure you grab really good measurements so your cut list is accurate! 
IMG_2119Isn’t it rad with your project turns out how you planned?

IMG_2117Doesn’t that space already look a million times better? This space is finally serving a purpose!
I took my top favorite Clear Coat from DecoArt and painted a good coat to project the wood from all the wet air the bathroom inevitably has.
IMG_2282Next up I grabbed clear silicone to finish up the edges because I love when things look perfect and finished.

IMG_2285Baam. Sit down and decorate with all your favorite decor & bathroom necessities


IMG_3555Don’t you just love a space with a purpose? This entire project cost us less than $50 and gives the home a beautiful little upgrade.

Off to tackle the never ending To -Do list before we start packing for the move. Thanks for stopping by today!

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