Gym Motivation with Degree Dry Spray

This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Getting out of bed early in the morning (for us, early is 830am) is literally impossible especially when school drop off consists of a million ‘please don’t leave me hugs and then I have to drag myself upstairs to get motivated to workout.  Sure, a bunch of days I end up heading home to work on my To-Do list or to binge watch netflix with a tub of ice-cream instead of working out but I have come up with a few hacks to get myself to stay and actually get in a Body Pump session before showering and getting presentable for life.

First things first, (i’m the realest) I pack Presleys backpack and my gym bag the night before with everything we need. Then I can’t talk myself out of it in the morning when I mentally work through how many times I can press the snooze button. I make sure we both have snacks, lots of water, a change of clothes, towel and other gym necessities.

I bribe myself with new workout clothes –because Old Navy is my love language – and end up looking like Sporty Spice with more workout clothes in my closet than imaginable when I mostly survive on the same pair of black yoga pants and oversized t shirts.

Make friends with the gym regulars, that way you can cheer each other on and you have some friendly places in a place you might not love being. I think the thing I love most about the gym, is the people. Almost all of the people I’ve made friends with at the gym, are now my friends outside of the gym who come to Bachelorette Nights and are all day texting companions.
Body Pump is rad and I love it but I’m also a sucker for listening to music and pretending to run on the treadmill. So I make lots of Spotify Playlists and that seems to encourage me to workout and actually sweat. (Can you tell I hate working out? hahah)

But really, this past year has been the most physically active I’ve been in my entire life.  Presley joined the Little Learners program at our local YMCA she attends 5x a week – when she’s healthy – so that 3 hours she’s in school that I am already at the gym so I force myself to work out. I’ve been doing Zumba and Body Pump but also slowly trying to build up how long I can run – it’s been fun, but also really hard because I despise sweating.
I was super excited when Degree wanted to work together because one of my biggest issues when sweating is that my shirts get soaking wet and either ruined or stained so I couldn’t wait to try on Degree UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant. It helps prevent white marks on black clothing and yellow stains on white while going on instantly dry for a cleaner feel while offering 48 hour protection against wetness and odor. Motionsense Technology releases bursts of extra protection whenever you move, plus it is Dermatologist-tested and alcohol free.

Head to your local Walmart to stock up (Pure Clean and Pure Rain smells divine) let me know what you think! Are you a fan of dry spray, regular stick deodorant or do you go all natural?

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